10 Practices You Can Undertake To De-Stress When In Office


Stress during work is all but natural! After all, things can go a little over the top when you are doing the same basic things day after day. As human beings, we tend to get worked up in certain situations and that can have plenty of negative impacts on our work. Meeting deadlines, submitting projects, the constant nagging of superiors and bosses – they can all become stressful at some point in time, and hamper your efficiency at work. As a result, your outcome at office suffers and this lines you up for worse times.

Fortunately, there are certain ways for you to undo the effects of workplace stress in order to focus better and deliver the results that you are capable of doing on a regular basis. Managing the stress will help you not only to deliver your work in time, but will also make you a star in your office. People will look up to you and you will become that point person whom the bosses will look to every time they want to set a positive example for the rest of the office. Today, we are going to take a look at some of the methods and techniques that can help you de-stress at work that will help you to maintain your efficiency with work.

Take frequent walks in between work

Taking a short walk in between your work can be a great way for you to de-stress. When you start to feel the stress hampering your performance, take a short 10 minutes stroll to gather your thoughts. You do not necessarily need to stroll around in the park for this. Even a short walk around the office can help you to de-stress. Grab a cup of coffee or tea while you are at it. These brisk walks will help you to get your mind off the stressful aspects of your job and help you focus better when you get back to your desk.

Engage in breathing exercises and meditation


Who said you can only meditate when you are at home and in a peaceful setting? Meditation is something that you can do anywhere, and it can help you de-stress anywhere and anytime. You can also indulge in some breathing exercises in between work as it will help to ensure proper circulation of blood and oxygen to your brain and help you focus on your work better.

Visualize scenes that help your mind relax

When you are stressed and find it difficult to focus on your work, just take some time off from the desk, sit back on Simmons rocker recliner and visualize a beautiful scene. This will surely make you happy and enable you to focus better when you get back to your desk. You can visualize anything that makes you happy and glad, and it will surely work wonders for you at work.

Help yourself to some snacks

Stress-eating can often prove to be a healthy option at work. However, avoid sinking your teeth into almost anything that is available within the reach of your hand. Instead, opt for your favorite snack items, and stock them at your desk, or request your employer provide healthy vending services for your office. Keep munching on them from time to time, and it will help you to take your mind off work for short intervals at a time (which is a great method for de-stressing at work).

Listen to your favorite music


Music is one thing that can help to sooth your brain and have a calming effect regardless of where you are or what you are doing. So, whenever you find it hard to focus at work, simply sit back and relax on a large beanbag chair, put your earphones on, and listen to your favorite music. Do this for a while and you will find that your energy levels are higher than before.

Share a joke to lighten the mood of your workplace

A gloomy atmosphere in the office can also add to your stress levels even if you have been to the office for just a couple of hours. Hence, it is very important to maintain a happy and cheerful environment as it will not only help you to focus better, but will also help to improve the results of the entire office. Share a joke or laugh together at some funny pictures and videos with your co-workers, and you will definitely find the environment in your office much better.

Disconnect from your cell phone

Cell phones can be major contributors to increasing stress levels at work. Every time a text message pops in or you get someone messaging you on the variety of IMs to be found today, it causes a minor distraction to your concentration levels. However, keeping your cell phones at bay will help you to lay off stress and focus better on the work at hand.

Talk to your co-workers


Every time stress gets to you at work, walk over to your best buddy in the office for a little chat. Even talking to a co-worker about the work will help you de-stress and get your concentration levels charged. You can also talk about non-work related stuffs, but as long as you get some time off your desk, it helps plenty to de-stress.

Indulge in muscle relaxation exercises

A series of muscle relaxation exercises and techniques can help you to get the stress off those muscles in your body. Sitting down on the same chair for hours or looking at the computer screen for a long time can get you very tensed and deflate your working potential. However, relax on a Catnapper rocker recliner and indulge in these muscle relaxation techniques starting from your toes and working your way up slowly to your head, and you will be able to feel the tension slowly leaving your body.


Tackle difficult situations head-on

Avoid putting off the hard stuffs for the end as this can add to your stress levels as you approach them towards the end of the day. Instead, attack the difficult tasks head-on during the first few hours of the day. This is when you have the most energy, and this energy can be utilized better to get the difficult situations covered. Moreover, you will also feel better once the crazier stuffs are over, and this rise in your confidence will help you take care of the easier stuffs before the day is over.

So, there you have it. Use these simple techniques for de-stressing, and manage your workload without any stress. Give your very best to the work at hand, and be the standout performer in the office. It will help you gain all the appreciation that you so desire and rightfully deserve.

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