Funny facts about the human heart and its functioning

Heart Rate increased

One of the engineering miracles, which are still a question mark in our minds, is the human heart.  It is so interesting to know about the human organs and the work that they do. The endless work that the heart does is one of the reasons for our existence. This amazing organ truly deserves to be admired on how much work it does considering its size. Our entire body organ’s functionality and existence depends on this one organ. In one way, you can also say that the heart is the defender of our body in many ways. There are still so many unanswered questions about this wonderful organ, but these are the facts that only make us wonder, how much more is yet to be known. Let us look at some amazing facts about the human heart and it is functioning.

The energy created by the heart


The energy that the heart creates daily for you to be alive is similar to the energy needed for a truck to drive 20 miles.  This means that if you consider the average lifespan of a person, you can go to the moon and come back with the same truck.

Every cell in the body is cared for

This small sized organ has the ability to take care of every cell in your body as it pumps the blood when needed.  Therefore, you can imagine how much of blood is pumped to take care of close to 75 trillion cells in the body.

The one organ that does the most amount of work

Considering the amount of physical work the heart does, no other organ stands in front of it. The heart works endlessly to ensure that every organ gets the necessities needed for proper functioning.  If you have to consider the efforts put in by the heart, well, the blood during an average life span of a person is enough to fill around 1.5 million barrels and 200 tank cars in trains.

The formation of the heart in a fetus

Human Fetus

During the 4th week of pregnancy, a tiny group of cells is formed which marks the beginning of the formation of the heart. This is the first heart of the body that eventually grows in size to what we know as the full-grown organ of the heart.


An interesting link

There is an interesting link between heart diseases and education, this has also been proved in various studies and research conducted. The equation – more education is equal to less heart problems.  Moreover, surprisingly, cardiovascular diseases are the biggest threat to a person’s health. What makes this fact more interesting is that these diseases were even discovered in mummies that are as old as 3,000 years.

Want a healthy heart this is what you have to do

The easiest way to ensure your heart is in good health is by maintaining a healthy diet, staying happy, reducing your stress levels and maintain a good physical regime of exercises and activities that are good for your heart.

Facts about heart attacks

heart attack

The 25th of December is the day when the most number of heart attacks are seen. This is in comparison to any other normal day of the year. Apart from that, it is followed by the 26th and the 1st of January.  Another surprising fact that is noticed is that Monday mornings are the time when many people have heart attacks.

The world’s biggest heart

The blue whale is said to have the biggest and heaviest heart. The weight of the heart in a blue whale is close to 1,500 pounds.

Some other interesting facts about the heart

The heart valve size is similar to that of a 50-cent coin.

The first pace maker that was invented came with a plug point since it worked on electricity.

Even if the body and heart are separated, the heart can continues to beat if it is provided with enough of oxygen.

The biggest medical breakthrough was in 1967 when South Africa’s Dr. Christian Barnard had conducted the first successful heart transplant. The person lived for eighteen days after the successful transplant.

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