Best energy bars for diabetics and other natural foods

Best energy bars for diabetics

All human beings love snacking. The diabetics however need to be a little extra cautious while picking up a snack for themselves since they can not consume high sugar or high carb snack bars. These snacks bars can provide the body an instant energy boost and substitute meals pretty well. Students are one the group that consume a lot of energetics so they it’s important for Diabetic students to know what they can eat to get more energy. Or they can always use

1. Dex 4 Glucose Tablets-Orange 10-Count

Price : $1.69

Dex 4 Glucose Tablets-Orange 10-Count
For those who tend to miss meals quite often, the Dex 4 glucose tablets, which are one of the best energy bars for diabetics, are extremely essential to avoid low blood sugar levels. Keeping a tube of Dex 4 glucose tablets in your car, desk or purse is a great idea. The best part of these orange flavored tablets is the amazing taste and the fact that they act extremely fast. These tablets will keep you energized by maintaining the blood sugar level. People suffering from diabetes are advised to use these wonder tablets instead of consuming carbohydrates for keeping the blood sugar in the normal range. The advantage is that you can keep a tab on your glucose intake as these tablets come in pre-measured amounts. The taste of these tablets is also quite alluring. Consume these tablets to boost your blood sugar level without gaining any fat.


The USP of the Dex 4 glucose tablets is that they come in a handy pack which can be easily stored or carried around.


  1. The tablets can be kept anywhere, there is no need for refrigeration.
  2. The packaging is perfect for carrying around and consuming as and when required.
  3. The tablets do not contain caffeine or sodium.

2. Clif Bar Builder’s Bar

Price: $18.46

Clif Bar Builder's Bar

The Clif builder’s bar is a superb protein booster, making it one of the best energy bars for diabetics. It mainly comprises of natural organic components which are healthy and tasty. The Clif bar is not only a good source of protein but also very delicious, this bar has 100 percent natural protein which comes from nuts and soy. The bar is ideal for the diabetics as it has zero trans fat and hydrogenated oils. The amazing chocolaty flavor ensures that the bar entices your taste buds taking care of your health in every way. Proteins are very essential for the human body, they produce red blood cells and anti bodies which help in resisting infections.

You can be sure of staying in the game by consuming a Clif bar before you hit the gym or playground. You will be bursting with energy and stay on for long. A single bar will provide your body with .20 grams of protein along with 23 essential vitamins and minerals.


The USP of Clif builder’s bar is that it provides 100 percent natural proteins to the body keeping you energetic for long.


  1. The Clif bar has absolutely no hydrogenated oils or trans fats.
  2. It is made up of organic products.
  3. It is very delicious and exceptionally nutritious.

3. PowerBar protein plus reduced sugar high protein bar

Price: $20.99

PowerBar ProteinPlus Reduced Sugar High Protein Bar

The best things about the delicious PowerBar is that it has reduced levels of sugar and is an exceptional protein source for the body. A single bar will boost the human body with about .22 grams of protein and merely 1 gram of sugar. PowerBar has 94 percent less sugar than the other protein bars in the market. So now with the PowerBar, you can ensure that the body gets a good amount of protein without consuming sugar. Because of the low sugar levels, this bar is one of the most suitable energy bars for diabetics. Now you can easily build a dashing lean body and stay energized. Your can munch this nutritious bar before or after exercising. Be sure to stay energized all day log.


The USP of the PowerBar protein plus-reduced sugar high protein bar is that it has excessively low amounts of sugar as compared to other protein bars.


  1. A single bar contains only 1 gram of sugar.
  2. There are no preservatives or artificial flavors in the tasty PowerBar.
  3. Provides sustained energy.
  4. Helps in building up a lean body.

4. Balance Carb Well Bars – one of the best energy bars for diabetics

Price: $17.49

Balance Carb well
The Balance Carb Well bars are not just meant for the athletes or diabetics, these are suitable for almost everyone. This bar not only offers great nutrition but also ensures soothing the taste buds. The great taste of this bar is loved by one and all. Do not go by the name Carb well, these energy bars do not have a lot of carbs. Plant derived polyols are used for sweetening the Balance Carb Well bars. Low sugar content and great taste are what these bars are all about. This bar is a perfect healthy snack suitable for any time munching. The Balance Carb Well bars are available in two delectable flavors which are chocolate peanut butter and chocolate fudge. A single bar offers about 14 grams of protein along with 23 essential vitamins and minerals.


The USP of the Balance Carb Well bars is the fact that they provide individuals with credible nutrition value ensuring a healthy life full of energy and happiness.


  1. The bar has no artificial sweetener or flavor.
  2. It is cent percent natural and healthy.
  3. There are no added preservatives.
  4. A single bar has only 2 grams of carbs.

5. EAS Myoplex Carb Control Nutrition Bar

Price: $24.49

EAS Myoplex Carb Control Nutrition Bar
EAS Myoplex carb control nutrition bar is a great tasting snack bar, specially meant for the low carb dieters. This bar is ideal for people suffering from diabetes. A single bar will offer you 29 grams of healthy protein along with just 2 grams of carbs. This delectably amazing bar can support a low carb lifestyle in a great way. You can munch this delicious bar whenever you wish to. The EAS Myoplex carb control bar contains good amounts of nuts and seeds which add to the flavor and nutrition. The bar comes in easy packaging which can fit easily into your handbag, suitcase or desk. Munch away good health with this tasty nutritional bar.


The USP of the EAS Myoplex carb control nutrition bar is that it effectively supports low carb lifestyle and is very healthy. It is a convenient meal supplement for those who tend to skip meals because of lack of time.


  1. The EAS myoplex bar contains less than 2 grams of sugar.
  2. It also has high amount of dietary fibers.
  3. It has low sugar content and is thus suitable for the diabetics.

6. Atkins Endulge Bar, Caramel Nut Chew

Price: $15.99

Atkins Endulge Bar, Caramel Nut Chew
The Atkins Endulge Bar is a delightful nutrition bar which not only has great taste but also value for money. The delectable caramel and nut combo make it extremely appealing to the taste buds. The best part is that it comprises of only 1 gram of sugar. A single bar of Atkins Endulge will fill you up with about 130 calories. People preferring low-calorie snacks might not be keen on munching this snack. The net carb count is only 2 grams which is quite decent. This nutrition bar has Low-Glycemic impacts and can be munched at any time. These bars are not just meant for those who want to gain weight but also those who want to shed a substantial number of pounds. The Atkins Endulge bar contains peanuts, milk, and soy which blend in to offer an amazing taste.


The USP of the Atkins Endulge bar is its unique caramel taste and high nutrition value.


  1. The net carb count is just 2 grams per bar.
  2. The taste is distinctively unique and delicious.
  3. The Atkins Endulge bar is quite decently priced and comes in handy packaging.

7. Met-Rx Protein Plus Food Bars

Price: $24.99

Met-Rx Protein Plus Food Bars
Anybody in pursuit of a high protein healthy diet would simply love munching the Met Rx protein plus food bar. It is perfectly suitable as a meal supplement or energy booster for the diabetics. It is one of the best tasting nutrition bar available in the market. Not only that, it will also cater to the need of protein by the body perfectly. The protein content of the Met Rx protein plus food bar is almost double of that in any other energy bar. Also, this bar is easily digested by the body and the nutrition is absorbed faster for an instant energy kick. This energy bar is perfect for those who wish to have a lean muscle growth and lose body fat. With the consumption of this yummy bar, the body can easily get proteins without getting filled up with unnecessary carbs. A single bar will provide the body with 32 grams of proteins as well as carb.


The USP of the Met Rx protein plus food bar is that it has extremely high protein content which the body needs to get lean muscle and lose weight.


  1. The energy bar contains zero trans fat.
  2. The protein content is much higher than other nutrition bars.
  3. The Med Rx bar is enriched with 21 essential vitamins and minerals.

8. Nature’s Plus Ultra Energy Bar – Chocolate Nut Crunch

Price: $33.02

Nature's Plus Ultra Energy Bar - Chocolate Nut Crunch
Nature’s plus ultra energy bar is a delicious nutrition bar, ideal for the diabetics. It is a superb energy supplement for those who skip meals and feel fatigued. The bar also flaunts whole food antioxidants which lead to low glycemic taste sensation. The bar has extremely high protein content and low carb content. This nutrition bar will not just provide the body with proteins but also cater to the needs of vitamins and minerals which are essential for the human body. A single serving of this bar will fill you up with about 220 calories.


The USP of Nature’s plus ultra energy bar is the fact that it has tri-part protein blend which includes soy, rice, and pea.


  1. Nature’s plus ultra energy bar is free of gluten and has a superior tri-part blend of protein which includes rice, soy, and pea.
  2. Handy packaging makes this bar an anytime snack.
  3. A perfect energy booster as well as a meal supplement.

9. Oskri Fiber Bar – Almonds and Cranberries

Price: $31.54

Oskri Fiber Bar - Almonds and Cranberries
The Oskri fiber bar is an amazing energy bar containing almonds and cranberries. The bar has a unique taste which will definitely appeal to your taste buds. This is a perfect snack for diabetes patients as it has low sugar content and is free of lactose. What adds to the charm of this amazing energy bar is that its manufacturing is done using renewable energy. It contains 100 percent soluble fiber and just 4 grams of sugar content per bar. The bar works well as an evening snack, thanks to the healthy seeds and nuts it contains. The main ingredients of the Oskri Fiber bar are almonds, chicory root extract, cranberries, rice crisps, buckwheat, pumpkin seeds, and amaranth.


The USP of this nutrition bar is that it contains high amount of fiber along with proteins. It is extremely good for the diabetic diet.


  1. The bar is gluten free and has no added preservatives or additives.
  2. The Oskri fiber bar is also rich in fiber, a single bar would provide the body with 13 grams of fiber.
  3. Limited sugar content.

10. Granola Gourmet Energy Bars

Price: $14.46

Granola Gourmet Energy Bars
The Granola Gourmet energy bar is the perfect diabetic diet bar and was originally conceived by a diabetic. The bar is 100 percent natural and does not contain any dairy product or wheat. A single bar of the Granola Gourmet energy bar will provide the body with 590 mg of omega 3s, 12 grams of whole grains and 20 mg of sodium. The prime ingredients of this energy bar are organic oats, blueberries, organic agave syrup, apple juice concentrate, sunflower oil, olive oil, almonds, strawberry extracts, soy protein isolate, and organic flax and sunflower seeds. This bar is a perfect snack for the diabetics who can not afford to eat something leading to blood sugar spike.


The USP of the Granola Gourmet energy bar is the fact that it’s been made using 100 percent natural and wholesome ingredients.


  1. This bar has no dairy or wheat.
  2. The sodium content is extremely low.
  3. Low glycemic index.
  4. Endocrinologist and physician endorsed.

Other Must have foods in a diabetic’s diet

While the above-mentioned diet bars for diabetics are great, they aren’t all when it comes to your diabetic food. When opting for diabetic bars or any other low-sugar food having one or more of the following ingredients could be a great advantage.

1. Beans

beansIt does not matter whether you prefer kidney to pinto, or navy to black beans, beans are the best food for diabetics. Beans provide high fiber. Half a cup of beans give about a third of the required daily quota of fiber and are rich in potassium and magnesium.

Beans are often considered as starchy vegetables but an ounce of meat without the fat would provide the same protein. Canned beans can be used but must be washed thoroughly to rinse off the sodium.

It prevents blood sugar spikes, makes the person feel full and digests slowly and easily.

2. Vegetables

leafy vegetable

Dark green leafy vegetables are very important for a diabetic diet. Spinach, collards, kale – not everyone may be happy to hear these names, however, these are the powerhouses of carbohydrates. The positive factor is that they are low in calories. Sweet potatoes are a rich source of vitamin A and fiber. They can be tried instead of the regular potatoes to get some starch.

3. Fruits

consume fruits to get the required sugar

Brimming with almost the same advantages as vegetables and having almost the same advantages as vegetables, high in fiber, low in fat, and even lower in calories, fruits are loaded with antioxidants, which protect eyes, nerves and the heart. Diabetics should have three to four servings of fruits a day.

4. Cereals and whole grains

CerealsTo provide a healthy start to a day, the breakfast should consist of a good cereal. Researchers have concluded that people starting their day with high fiber; eat less through the rest of the day. The cereal can be topped with fruits of choice. Best recommended cereals are Kellogg’s raisin Bran and Kellogg’s All Bran Original.

The germ and the bran is what health conscious people run after. It contains all the required nutrients. Purchased processed grains like bread do not have these nutrients at all. Whole grains offer many nutrients like magnesium, chromium, foliate and even some omega-3 fatty acids. Other sources of potassium and fiber are pearled barley and oatmeal.

5. Fish


Diabetics generally have high levels of bad cholesterol (HDL) and low levels of LDL- the good cholesterol.

The best substitute for high fat meals is fish. Fishes are the best and highest source of omega-3 fats; the good fats which keep the arteries clear. Fishes should be eaten twice a week. Fishes rich in omega-3 fatty acids include salmon, mackerel and tuna. Salmon is the most popular of the group. But readied and deep fried fish should be totally avoided. The limit of fish intake should not exceed 6-9 ounces per week.

6. Poultry breasts

Poultry breastsIt is total lean meat, low in calorie. It is highly versatile and rightly termed as miraculous food. Steak and hamburgers increase the levels of HDL and triglycerides and bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol may in turn increase the resistance of insulin, which may increase the levels of blood sugar.

Poultry breast, on the other hand is really low in saturated fats. It has been observed that a single serving of chicken breast contains three grams of fat and 140 calories. Turkey breast is even leaner and much lower in calorie levels.

7. Nuts

NutsNuts are full of good fats which help in warding off heart diseases. The good fats decrease the resistance in insulin and thus keep high blood sugar levels at bay. Nuts are the best source of Vitamin E. They are also rich in magnesium and fiber which help in regulating the blood sugar levels.

Researchers show that introducing nuts in the diet automatically helps to reduce body weight. It is advisable to take nuts in low quantities as they are high sources of calories.

8. Olive Oil

Olive OilOlive oil is very healthy for the heart and keeps the blood sugar levels in control. It also reduces insulin to a considerable extent. So diabetics should keep butter aside and start over with olive oil at once. Keep a check on how much of the good oil you put in your dishes as large amounts of good fat is also not at all good.

9. Yogurt

YogurtYogurt is full of protein and calcium. It is the ideal solution for a weight loss program. When calcium rich foods are consumed in large amounts , people find it very easy to lose weight. Chances of becoming insulin resistant are reduced considerably. Plain yogurt without fat, is best for breakfast or lunch. Fruits of one’s own choice or even wheat germs can be sprinkled over the yogurt to enhance the taste.

10. Cinnamon

CinnamonIt is a really unbelievable fact that such a spice can be miraculous. A sprinkle of cinnamon powder can be of enormous help to diabetic patients. It simply works miracles. Cinnamon has certain components in it which help humans to use the insulin provided by the body, much efficiently.

A recent research work on a small group of diabetic patients has provided with the information that even half a spoon of cinnamon powder helps to reduce the sugar levels in the body greatly. So, go ahead and add this miracle spice powder to your whole wheat bread, oatmeal or even chicken dishes. A bar of cinnamon can be soaked in water and can be used to make a curing cup of cinnamon tea!

Final Words

As with all other foods for diabetics, ‘diabetes healthy’ foods are to be integrated into the daily meal scheme in correct measures and proportions to achieve better health. If omitting sugar from the diet is very difficult, it should be done slowly and over a period of time. Diabetics should always say NO to chocolates and sweets and stay away from all likable bakery items like cakes, pies, pastries. Even full fat yogurt and cheese is to be avoided.

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