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Taekwondo routines to increase agility and strength

Agility and strength are the important factors if you want to excel for dance and martial arts and also for building up your muscle strength. Agility of your body can be improved by a variety of exercises which can be done at home. Some of them are improving your balance, playing games, freestyle dancing and conditioning the muscles. Before improving your strength, it is advisable to consult a health specialist. The most important factor to boost up your strength is weight lifting. The 11 taekwondo routines for powering up agility and strength are:

  1. Balancing
  2. Freestyle dancing
  3. Conditioning the muscles
  4. Drilling exercises
  5. Jumping and throwing exercise
  6. Running mechanism
  7. Skipping
  8. Sprints
  9. Playing games
  10. Capoeira movements
  11. Yoga


This is the initial and simplest exercise to improve your agility. Balancing exercises teach your brain how to activate your muscles at the right time. It can be done at any time. Initially, start doing it for 5 minutes. Later you can do for more time. Stand straight and lift your leg up until your thigh is parallel to the floor. Be in this position for some time and then you can shift your legs. Later you can practice the more advanced one by stretching your entire leg and making it parallel to the floor. Initially, you can start by keeping a support like a table or rope. There is an old saying that prevention is always better than cure. There are various styles for balancing by stretching the leg forward and backward, stretching the entire body parallel to floor, etc. To make it more challenging, you can hold one position for more duration. Basically all these will enhance your confidence and daily routines.


No need to sweat

No need to go to gym

No need to spend hours of time

No need to spend money for buying equipments


Prevents injury

Active lifestyle

Improves confidence

Freestyle dancing

Freestyle dance is a form of fast movement with music which is fully expressive and it provides positive effects on the mind and body as well. It makes the body more firm with stronger muscles and also promotes good blood circulation which is a great cardiovascular workout. Freestyle dancing brings great personal satisfaction, entertainment and pleasure. Dancing according to the tempo of music improves concentration, fitness, flexibility and strength. Also, it is a great work out for your arms, legs, joints and muscles. Here regular practice is more important. Half an hour of dance thrice a week will help you to relieve stress and to feel energetic throughout. It is a great start for muscle building.


Burns calories faster

Tone your muscles

Improves balance and coordination

Reduces the risk of dementia

Enhances overall metabolism

Conditioning the muscles

It’s a combination of exercises done to build the body muscles. Varieties of ways are there for building muscles. They are weight lifting, squats and lunges. Weight lifting means managing mass weight items which increases the size of muscles and strengthens them. You can start by lifting small iron bars using single arm. Later you can move to heavy weight items that can be lifted using both the arms. Gradually, duration of holding the weight up can be increased. Initially, it can cause damage to the muscles. Later while getting repaired the muscles become stronger. The exercise for muscle conditioning helps you to come out of back pain, shoulder pain and knee pain.

A squat is the one that can work on multiple muscles. This can be practiced using a chair. Lunge helps to strengthen the lower muscles of the body.


Gives you healthy bones

Gives you a great posture

Increases your metabolism

Prevents obesity

Provides more body balance


This can be done at the beginning of a session to warm you up physically. There are a variety of drilling exercises like dot drill, high knee drill, side to side drill and box drill. Dot drills are for enhancing the leg, knee and angle strength. High knee drill is for enhancing the foot speed and coordination. In side to side drill, the movement happens laterally. Box drills are the most effective way to improve the speed and strength of the foot.


It improves the strength of hip flexors

Strengths the muscles

Increases the stability of legs

Improves our speed and flexibility

Provides body control

Jumping/throwing exercises

Throwing exercises improve the strength and power of arm and shoulder. The power of throwing depends on the strength of the entire body especially the power from the lower part of the body is transferred to the throwing arm. Javelin throw, discus throw and shot put throw are the varieties. Jumping exercises increases strength and agility quickly.


Gain fitness and energy

Includes proper blood circulation

Increases your speed

Strengthen your bones

Quick burning of calories and fat

Conditions your abdominal muscles

Stabilizing the shoulder joints

Mechanism of running

Running is the most effective way to keep your heart and body fit and to burn calories. Distance can be increased gradually. To avoid the risk of running outside, treadmills can be used. It is an indoor machine which provides an effective way to jog, walk and run within limited space and home privacy. Uphill and downhill running provides a different route. Uphill running increases your muscle strength and downhill running helps you to control your muscles.


Provides cardiorespiratory fitness that helps your heart to pump blood strongly

Muscles can use oxygen in a more effective way

Improves the activity of enzymes and hormones


Skipping rope is an excellent way to burn calories in a short while and also makes the upper and lower body strong. It’s an extraordinary way of providing fitness to your heart. Here stress goes for the hip, ankles and knees. It also improves your balance, coordination and sense of timing. Skipping helps you to stay in shape.


Avoids obesity

Gives you a healthy heart and brain

Helps in building bones and strengthening thighs

Helps to prevent osteoporosis

Effective way of burning calories

Enhances coordination between hands and feet movements

Increases stamina and endurance

Increases your attention skills

It helps in toning your muscles

Improves cardio-respiratory fitness


Sprint means running very fast for short duration. One way to sprint is to keep your treadmill at high speed for a minute.


Fastens your metabolism

Keeps your cardiovascular system in good shape

Provides quick results

Gives capacity to handle lactic acid

Increases body’s endurance strength

Increases the ability to store oxygen in the body

Involves the increase in mitochondria size

Increases muscle power

Effective for sculpting your hamstrings, quads and calves

Improves your glycolysis system

Playing games

Games like badminton, tennis, basket ball , football, cricket, etc. will improve the coordination which leads to more agility. It also makes you faster, smarter and wise. Agility depends more on the tempo of the game. That is, how quick your body is responding. This should be done as the start up session of any training program which will warm you up thoroughly. These games demand energy from our body through aerobic metabolism. It should be done with appropriate rest periods. Badminton playing provides multiple benefits for your health. Tennis playing keeps you more alert and tactical in thinking. Basket ball playing improves coordination and helps you to work in a team.


Reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol

Reduces hypertension

Reduces the chance of heart attacks

Osteoporosis can be prevented

Capoeira movements

Capoeira is a type of martial art that conditions the mind, body and spirit. First you need an instructor for training capoeira moves which are unique. Don’t try to learn capoeira moves by yourself. It may harm your body. Warm up is essential before starting with capoeira movements. Also it needs regular practice. Another benefit is you do not require any special equipment or special room for doing it and also it provides a lot of variety moves. Capoeira moves strengthen your upper body. It is a combination of music, dance and aerobics. There are two capoeira styles and they are regional and angola. Angola is the slow and more expressive one and regional moves are the fast ones. It provides multiple benefits and they are:

Provides tremendous strength

Makes you more flexible

Increases overall fitness

Provides valuable cardio exercises and stamina

Gives confidence and courage

Gives excellent body balance

Role of yoga in developing strength

One of the oldest systems to develop body and mind is yoga. It is an effective medicine for physical and emotional health. Stretching the body in new ways makes you more flexible. It improves strength, balancing and muscle tone. The improvement in flexibility and strength prevent you from various body pains. Yoga provides better breathing and stress reduction. There are different types of yoga like hatha yoga, bakthi yoga, karma yoga, jnana yoga, raja yoga, tantra yoga, swara yoga and purna yoga. Regular yoga provides you with tremendous health and it also gives proper oxygen for entire body cells which helps in the smooth functioning of all the organs. It’s a way to discipline yourself.


Improves flexibility

Provides more lubrication of the joints and ligaments

Provides complete detoxification

Provides excellent toning of muscles

Improves strength and confidence

Improves the ability to focus and concentrate

Helps to conserve energy

Increases balance and flexibility

Improves self awareness and controlling breath

Improves blood circulation

Controls blood pleasure and regulates metabolism

Boosts self confidence and reduces stress

Helps to burn calories

Brings physical and mental discipline

Helps to improve your sleep conditions and fatigue

Improves digestion

Improves the health of cardiovascular and nervous system

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