Want to get a cardio workout while exercising, try out Bokwa


Dance workouts have taken over the fitness regimes and have made exercising a lot of fun. When Zumba started, it took the world by a storm with its fun moves and high impact workout. Well, after Zumba, now Bokwa is the new fitness craze that has hit the fitness industry and taken it by a storm. This is combination of movements from boxing and South African Dance.

Paul Mavi, a fitness instructor based in Los Angeles, is the person who started Bokwa and created its foundation. The good thing about this fitness regime is that children and adults can do it easily.  People with hearing impairments can also benefit from this exercise because of its suitability and simplicity. Here is all you need to know about BOKWA

The three elements of Bokwa


Before we get into the various benefits of Bokwa, it is important to first understand the basic elements of the Bokwa workout. It involves three steps. There is a warm-up, a main sequence and a cool down. Let’s take a look at how they are.

  1. The warm up

The workout starts with a nice warm up session, which includes movements like the grape wine, squats and other such intense exercises and South African war dance moves.

  1. The main workout

The second phase of the Bokwa regime includes performing exercises by drawing numbers and letters on the floor. In this part of the workout, some instructors also use hand gestures to guide the participants.  During this routine, shimmies, hip shakes and other such movements can also be used to modify the workout and make it more fun and interesting.

  1. The cool down

The last and final stage is the cool down period where participants do various kinds of stretches and light movements to cool down after their high intensity workout.

The benefits of a BOKWA regime


Every fitness regime has its own benefits; the same is applicable with BOKWA. This cardiovascular workout is intense. People who have tried out this new form of exercising have seen good results in just one month. Here are the various benefits of adopting the Bokwa workout regime

  • Bokwa is it fitness regime that gets you in shape and tones your body. It is also a perfect way to lose weight and get your body back without causing too much of strain. This fitness form of dancing a person can burn many calories. A person has the ability to burn close to 1000 to 1200 calories in just 1 hour of exercising Bokwa.
  • This form of exercising does not consist of the traditional eight counts steps, as it is a free form of exercises. You can improve your flexibility as well as ensure that you are working out every muscle of your body in just a single section of a Bokwa routine.
  • The energetic activity of this exercise is because of the upbeat and intense movements and steps. If a person does Bokwa early in the morning they will feel fresh, pumped up and energetic throughout the day.
  • The immune system of the body also improves as well as the cardiovascular functions are boosted. It is also ideal for people who want to work towards the improvement of their body’s resistant factor towards fatigue.
  • Because the movements are so easy, people of all ages register themselves for the Bokwa regime. Bokwa is it fitness regime that gets you in shape and tones your body. Even people with hearing problems will not face any problem when they are working out in a group because of the hand gestures used by the instructor.

How Bokwa is different from Zumba


In comparison to Zumba, Bokwa is a more energetic, happy and intense workout with steps from the traditional and cultural dance called Kwaito. It is also a blend of Kickboxing, Capoeira and the African war dance. Zumba on the other hand, is more influenced from dance forms like the Salsa, samba, reggaeton, chachacha, mambo, tango, merengue, cambia and even merengue.

Concluding note

If you want to work your way to a Healthy lifestyle and enjoy dancing then this workout is ideal to you. Just as how Zumba has shown tremendous results, similarly people who have tried the Bokwa regime are very happy with the results they have seen. This is the perfect way to burn calories, getting into shape and changing your life in a healthy way.

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