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The Salsa and Post-natal fat Theory

Between the whole process of getting pregnant and delivering the baby, there are certain things that you end up doing. In about 99% cases, one of these things happens to be stuffing your month with sugar, spice and everything nice! Also, if you have been blessed with a good partner or family, there is a good chance that you will not be allowed to do any sort of work, strenuous or otherwise, except of course pregnancy exercises. However, once the turkey is out of the oven, you might begin to breaking into the sweat thinking about the postnatal fat that you have added.

Nevertheless ladies, it is time you put yourself to peace, while learning a new kind of art; dancing. However, not just any kind of dancing, but salsa exercises! Yes ladies, here is your chance to sway in style, while losing all that excess natal junk called weight.


Salsa over the Rest

The very first solution to excess weight that ladies usually find and stick to is going to gym. However, ask yourself, is it right? With the kinds of heavy duty exercises you will be assigned, even if some rebate is made, will be more than enough to make you go crazy. Plus, there is usually very less enthusiasm for most of us where gym is concerned, so there will be a phase where skipping gym will seem like a guilty pleasure.

With salsa exercises on the other hand, there is some degree of surety that you will certainly turn up, just to have fun and twist and turn in rhythmic motion along with the beautiful music. Plus, salsa is such a designed beneficial dance that though there will be no heavy duty machines to be pulled or crunches or sit-ups to be practiced, you will lose weight.


The Scientific Angle

In addition to losing weight, salsa will also mold your body into a good shape while toning and making it flexible and tightening your stomach for sure. Salsa has been known to release endorphins, which means that your spirits will be uplifted.

Salsa is perhaps the only art or exercise that works on the body parts that postnatal fat attacks. First of all, salsa takes care of muscles such as the stomach, calf, hip and hamstrings. Secondly, your arms will appear to be shapelier and triceps and shoulders, together quadriceps will receive the kind of workout they need.

Above all, salsa is the best known entertaining cardiovascular exercise for ladies who have given birth!

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