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Home tests for infections

The commonest illnesses usually observed are originated from certain infections. Infections are caused by micro-organisms like bacteria, virus and others. They enter the body through various routes and begin affecting the health. When a person is infected, the micro-organisms are present in the body and can be found in the blood or other body secretions.

In the present day trend of DIY health, it is important to take charge of your own health. Keeping this in mind, there are certain tests that can examine the body fluids for the presence of micro-organisms. These tests can be conveniently used as home tests to detect the presence of the specific infections.

Some of the home tests that can be used for testing infections are:

· Influenza test – Influenza is a viral infection, which is caused by viruses that can be transmitted by the air route. It commonly presents itself with symptoms of cold, cough, headache, fever and body ache. The influenza test should be performed as per the given instructions. It requires the secretions from the nose and the tests detects virus present in the nasal secretion. The test results can be read within minutes.


· Urine infection test – Urine infections are commonly caused by bacteria that enter the tract through the urethra. Certain substances that are usually not present in the urine like protein or sugar can also be detected using this test. The kit contains an instruction leaflet and the test should be accordingly performed. Urine sample has to be collected and he given test strip should be dipped into it. Depending on the abnormal substance the strip shows the change in the color, following which the necessary treatment can be taken.


· Bladder infection test – This is also a urine test, where, the test strip is dipped into the urine sample as per the instruction and the results are read.


· Kidney function test – When urine infection affects the kidneys, symptoms of pain in the back, shivering with high fever, difficulty in passing urine, etc can be seen. Home kidney function test helps to detect the presence of infection in the kidneys.


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