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Health apps for her

A woman plays many important roles in her lives. She is often seen juggling different tasks at different times of the day. While she is so busy doing things for everyone in the family, she has very less time to take care of herself or to even think of her own health. But when she is so important for the entire family their health, it is important that she takes care of her health too.

She needs to be healthy, monitor her health, plan her pregnancy and protect herself from serious illnesses. She needs something that is really quick and smart and helps her monitor her health regularly.


Mobile apps for women

Some of the mobile apps that are specially designed according to your needs and can be used for maintaining good health are:

· iPeriod calendar – This is a menstrual period calendar. You can keep a track of your menstrual cycle digitally. It can help you view the days when the periods are about appear, so that you can expect the pre-menstrual complaints or prepare for them. This app also gives the most fertile days that can help in planning pregnancy. Additionally it lets you get in touch with other women and share your views and ideas.


· iBreast check – While breast cancer is on the rise, it is necessary that you are aware of it and know that regular breast self examination can be of great help. This app is an important move in this direction. It can be easily downloaded and it shows video about performing breast self examination. The app also allows you to assess your existing lifestyle and its risk related to breast cancer. You can accordingly make the necessary changes and feel much in control of your heath.

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