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Cardiac health tests


Cardiac health tests

With heart diseases on the rise, it is difficult to keep yourself out of the way. It is not safe to ignore the heart health even when young. It is no longer a disease meant for the old people. It is most advisable to keep a check on the risk factors that could trigger the prevalence of a heart disease. The commonest of these are high cholesterol levels and abnormalities in heart rate or pulse rate.

Home tests

While laboratory tests are done, now these tests can also be conveniently performed at home. Some of the devices and tests that can be used at home are:

· Cardio check blood analyzer – This is a device that helps you to measure your blood cholesterol levels and store the results for future reference. You have follow the instructions given and collect the blood sample and place in onto one of the strips provided. The strip is then inserted into the device and the results are shown. The device is handy and cost effective. It shows accurate results which can be stored and used for clinical purposes.


· Home Cholesterol test – These can be done using the home test kits for cholesterol. There are kits that detect total cholesterol as well as those that detect the specific types like HDL or LDL cholesterol. You can use the kit that best suits your requirements but generally using parameters that assess both the good as well as the bad cholesterol are better. These can be conveniently performed at home and the test results give an idea of the risk for heart diseases


· Heart rate monitor – Can be worn just as any ring, only that this is a valuable health indicator. It can read the pulse rate continuously and the rate is displayed on the monitor. You can use it any time and it is of great importance during workouts or while going out for walks. There is a provision that you can set an upper limit for the pulse rate during your fitness training and feel free to workout.


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