Testicular self exam

Testicular self exam

Testicular examination is mostly a part of a general check-up in case of a male. This is done as a routine practice to detect any abnormalities at the early stages and take the necessary action. While this is done by the physician, you can also help yourself by being aware of certain facts.

Regular testicular self exam may not be required for all but you can definitely be vigilant of any kind of pain or swelling in the concerned area. It is recommended that certain conditions like undescended testicle, past history or family history of testicular cancer, can be considered as the risk factors of testicular cancers. Hence in such cases, it is advisable to perform regular testicular self exam.


Performing testicular self exam

To perform the self exam, the skin of the scrotum must be relaxed. Hence, it is ideally performed during and after a bath. Some simple steps to be followed are:

· Observe the area carefully and check for any noticeable swelling or discoloration.

· Check one testicle at a time and keep the penis away.

· The testicle needs to be held between the thumb and the fingers and is gently rolled between the fingers.

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· Check what can be felt and look for any lump like swelling, the size, shape and overall consistency.

· When checking repeatedly, make a note of any changes in the size, shape or texture of the testes.

If you find any abnormality or any changes in your observations or there is any discomfort, it is advisable to see your physician.

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