Why Probiotics Are Essential for Great Health as a Woman


Even if you do not know what they are, surely you have heard about probiotics. You cannot turn on the TV without seeing a yogurt advert that boasts of its good bacteria – and that is what probiotics are. Probiotics are the bacteria that help the flora in your gut function. The more good bacteria you consume, the better your digestive tract will function.

Good Digestive Health Is Good Health


Maintaining healthy flora in your gut is essential for maintaining good digestive health. What most people neglect is that good digestive health is good health. For women especially, a healthy gut has a whole host of other beneficial properties, that can heal and prevent many other ailments women more commonly suffer.

Signs of poor gut health includes:

  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • UTIs
  • Yeast infections or thrush
  • Repeated cold sores
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Bloating

Many women associate these ailments with their menstrual cycle, but it may be your gut that is the real culprit. How your body processes the nutrients it gets from your food can make a massive difference to your overall health – if your gut is inhibiting that capacity, it can make a real difference. In fact, if you are suffering from poor gut health, it can inhibit every function that maintains good health.

Probiotics Help You Get More from Each Meal


Most modern women are health conscientious to an extent, and there has certainly been a backlash against the fast-food, super-processed food culture that dominates. You find many young women eating their yogurts, greens and making sure they get a good balance of vitamins and minerals, yet they still suffer from low energy and the health problems listed above.

That’s because without sufficient probiotics, the gut isn’t able to process some of the most important vitamins and minerals the body needs. Bacteria in your gut take the food that you consume and transform it into B vitamins and vitamin K – vitamins that are essential for healthy immune function. Vitamin B helps regulate your metabolism and how well your nerves function, whereas Vitamin K is quite the magic vitamin, which is essential to stopping your blood from clotting. This wonder vitamin is what stops you bleeding to death every time you get a cut or have your period.

However, the gut can only produce these vitamins with the right tools. One of them is eating right; fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut and kefir are all some of the best probiotics for women that encourage healthy gut flora, and so encourage the development of these vitamins.

Eating plenty of probiotics, or taking probiotic supplements, helps your body digest and process nutrients better. Which means you can get more from:

  • Both animal and plant sources of fats
  • All proteins
  • Iron
  • All kinds of carbohydrates
  • Essential minerals like iron, zinc and magnesium 

Probiotics Help Combat the Negative Effects of Ageing


How we get the bacteria in our guts is like a miracle. When we are in the womb, we have minimal bacteria inside our guts. When we our born, however, as the baby exits the womb through the vagina, the first gulp the baby takes of earthly air involves a transfer of the mother’s bacteria to the child.

These bacteria are essential to life, and it is part of the miracle of birth that they are passed on.  From then on, we get our bacteria from breast milk, until our body has healthy stores. The quality of essential gut bacteria degrades as we get older, which can affect our overall health and immune function – accelerating the ageing process.

People who were born by C-section or formula-fed as babies are more susceptible to the negative effects of gut bacteria degradation, as their natural stores of probiotics are lower than optimum.  The ageing process for women obviously decreases fertility, as well as causing a visible decline in the vitality of skin and hair. To fight this, ensure you are getting enough probiotics from food sources, or taking supplements, to guarantee great gut health – and reap the benefits that go with it!

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