What to Expect While You Invest In Clear Aligners

Invest In Clear Aligners

Maintaining your dental health is by no means an easy task. And let us face it, not all of us enjoy the bliss of perfect set of teeth. While metal braces can go a long way to take care of your mal-aligned teeth, you have the help of clear aligners now that do the task without letting anyone know.

Advantages of Clear Aligners

Invest In Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are extremely useful to help you enjoy a straighter smile, without the inconvenience of the conventional metal braces. You will also find it helpful if you have had any orthodontic treatment previously. In fact, there are some more unique advantages in using them. For example, good quality clear aligners are easily removable. It is easier to floss or brush your teeth after having the meals. They are easy to clean, as well. Good quality products are also gentle on your gum. They would not irritate your cheeks, either. Again, your dentist is likely to prefer it over the conventional braces. This is because it can effectively prevent your teeth from wearing away due to constant grinding.

How to Wear Your Aligners

To get the best results in relatively shorter time, you would ideally wear the aligners for about 20 hours a day. To ensure proper hygiene, you would like to change them after every three weeks of usage. There is no hard and fast rule regarding the length of its usage. It would entirely depend on the intensity of any given case. By and large, your treatment is likely to linger for a time as short as three months. But depending on the severity of the cases, a patient might need to wear them for about six months. Nevertheless, treatment with clear braces is less time-consuming than that of its traditional peers.

What Your Dentist Should Let You Know

Invest In Clear Aligners

Opting for clear aligners is undoubtedly a welcome idea for those looking for a relatively painless and less-hassled orthodontic treatment. However, even with this sophisticated process, there are some imperative things that your dentist needs to explain. First of all, clear aligners have their share of limitations. Since you are going to invest in it, it is natural for you to have high expectations for its result. However, a true professional would explain to you about what you can rectify as well as what cannot be changed even after prolonged treatment. It says, your expectations and the actual results needs to be on the same level.

What You Should Be Careful About

Just as it happens with the regular braces, it might take some time to acclimatize with the clear aligners as well. A majority of patients who have undergone the treatment maintain that they have seldom felt any hitches with it. However, some users have shared that initially, they faced problems like speech difficulties, gagging and extra salivation. So when you wear the aligners for the first time, it might take you some time to get used to with it.

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