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What makes cosmetic dentistry exceedingly popular among smile-conscious folks

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Cosmetic dentistry has become increasingly popular due to many reasons. People have become more open to getting cosmetic procedures done to improve their image. The important role that a smile plays in making a good impression upon people in professional and personal relationships is now being widely acknowledged. Cosmetic dentistry techniques have also made huge advances technically, which has led to a greater success rate and longer lasting treatments. Treatments have become cheaper too, making it more accessible to the masses. Read on to find out more why cosmetic dentistry has become so popular:

Enhancing confidence


People’s confidence is affected by a great or not-so-great smile. People are more and more conscious about their appearance than before, and now they have means to making changes to alter their teeth for the better. Having a wonderful smile leads to better self-esteem and positive outcomes in dealing with people. People also like to experiment with new looks these days which includes going for cosmetic dentistry treatments, along with facial surgery. Flawless smiles are sought after and dentists such as Maple dentists can help you to achieve that. Cosmetic dentistry is also popular among people who hope to have success in their workplace.


Swollen Cheek from Toothache

Great teeth can help keep at bay some dangerous diseases like diabetes, strokes, heart attacks and digestive disorders. Gum disease can cause fatal diseases like strokes, and apart from improving their smiles, people visit their cosmetic dentists frequently in order to have healthy teeth. 

Technological advances

Dentist at work

Advances in the technology of cosmetic dentistry has led to it being much less invasive, which has contributed to it being popular among people, especially who used to shy away from invasive surgical techniques. Cosmetic dentistry is now painless but continues to provide great results. Whether a person wants a dazzling smile or to fix a serious problem, dental procedures have lost their ‘fear’ factor, and people are more open to visiting the dentist’s clinic. Conscious sedation methods, painless injections and computerized programs which build 3D replicas of the patient’s mouth are new techniques which are appreciated by dental patients, leading to the popularity of cosmetic dentistry. 

Celebrity factor


A factor which cannot be ignored is the ‘celebrity’ factor. Many famous stars now openly acknowledge the cosmetic dental procedures they had done to get a perfect smile, which has helped boost cosmetic dentistry. Sometimes, celebrities advertise dental clinics and procedures leading to people also trying the same look as their favorite stars. TV shows which focus on makeovers, also reinforce the good results of cosmetic dentistry. Over time, the idea of cosmetic dental procedures has become more desirable among the public.

Cosmetic dentistry is popular now with people of all ages and with the advanced technology, one can get perfect teeth in a short time, maybe an hour or day. Being pain free and more acceptable in society and more affordable, cosmetic dentistry is exceedingly popular among smile-conscious folks.

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