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Welcome to 2018! What’s trending in plastic surgery

by Dr Prem Community Writer

Cosmetic surgery today can range from the most dramatic makeover to a more subtle tweak. Depending on what you want to change, there are also a range of non-surgical options should you want to avoid going under the ‘knife.’ Read below for an overview of what’s trending in plastic surgery today.

Downstairs renovations


The world of vaginal enhancements is rapidly growing. Whether it be a result of age, genetics or childbirth, a range of procedures such as clitoral hood reduction, labiaplasty and g-spot enhancements are available to women. There are also non-surgical means to address incontinence, dryness and laxity through the latest laser techniques. Laser resurfacing can also be performed to improve skin texture and colour and is often undertaken in conjunction with other procedures in this area.

Eye care

The delicate skin around the eye can be a tell-tale sign of age or sun damage. While you might be doing your best with diet and exercise, many clients are also turning to solutions for droopy skin above and below the eye. Also known as blepharoplasty, it can be performed on the upper lid to reduce the hooded effect via either laser or surgery. For below, many people want to get rid of the bags under their eyes, which is often caused by fat pads and excess skin which will be addressed in one procedure.

Non-surgical solutions


This can range from injectables used as fillers or laser resurfacing for facial redness or vein, scar and hair removal. Combined, you can even receive procedures such as non-surgical face lifts that will peel, laser, resurface and inject your way to a more youthful visage. These be more cost effective than surgery and as a generally less invasive option, there will be less down time and shorter recovery period. Sometimes a combination of surgical and non-surgical procedures will be recommended to get you the best result.

Surgery for men

Cosmetic surgery is not just for the ladies. Although less men traditionally seek cosmetic solutions to their body concerns, liposuction, double chin reduction and gynaecomastia or ‘man boob surgery’ are just a few of the treatments commonly performed on them. Like women, there are several key areas across the body that you might store fat that cannot be shifted by diet or exercise. The waist/love handles, stomach and chest are common areas of complaint that liposuction can provide solutions. On the flip side, enhancements to areas such as the calves and buttocks are also growing in popularity.

Next steps


Look for a clinic that not only has highly qualified staff, but check them out online for client reviews. Another tip is to investigate what industry memberships your clinic has. A highly professional practice will have multiple ones, indicating their interest in continued education and use of evidence based methods to assist their clients. Once you have a few shortlisted, book in a few consultations to get an idea of price and the aesthetic outcome that best suits your case.

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