Weirdest of phobias: Are you actually scared of them?

Weird phobias

A significant percentage of people worldwide suffer from so called ‘phobias’ which could be related to the behavior, psyche of individuals and are unavoidable. Some believe hereditary predisposition as one cause to such phobias, a fact which is not yet confirmed. Few common phobias people suffer from are acrophobia (fear of heights), ophidiophobia (fear of snakes), astraphobia (fear of thunder and lightning), social phobias, etc. But people can be phobic to some offbeat and unusual things too. Listed below are some very bizarre, weirdest phobias which people are actually scared of.

1. Trichophobia

Fear of hair loss. This phobia can start when your hair is seen almost everywhere. You might be terrified thinking of future consequences due to extreme hair loss which may or not happen, but the sight of loose hair around literally might dread you. Even though, it is weird to imagine the worst but this is one phobia people are really scared of.

2. Nomophobia

Fear of lacking mobile phone networking. Technology is ruling the world these days; people who are too addicted and who live in a world of networking simply cannot imagine a life without their mobile. They dread the very thought of losing their network gadgets even though things can be managed without them.

3. Scopophobia

Fear of being looked or stared at. This phobia is strange but exists in many people. People who have an inferiority complex and who are extremely self-conscious exhibit this phobia. They have this extreme and impractical fear, uneasiness at being focused especially at social-dos, gatherings, etc. They avoid or feel uncomfortable while doing even simple tasks in such situations.

4. Vomitophobia

Fear of vomiting while seeing others doing it. Generally, people with eating disorders suffer from this phobia. They have this compulsive disorder while seeing other people doing or the thought itself raises fear in them.

5. Spectrophobia

Fear of looking at oneself in the mirror. People with low-self esteem and self-confidence have a sort of anxiety, fear to look at their reflection in the mirror.

6. Telephone phobia

Fear of making or answering phone calls. This phobia is seen in people who are too nervous, shy, self-conscious and lack confidence. Such people think many times before attempting to do such things.

7. Triskaidekaphobia

Fear of the number 13: A rather irrational fear, but people from ages have suffered from fear or considered this number as a bad omen. This phobia is more in some countries.

8. Nosocomephobia

Fear of hospitals. Many people suffer from this phobia and even dread the thought of thinking about or visiting a hospital. Such people might unnecessarily worry thinking about things which might not happen at all and fear the very environment of the hospitals.

9. Heliophobia

Fear of sunlight. Some people with sensitive skin conditions might be advised to stay away from sun rays, such people have more of this fear even though normal people can have this phobia too. They might fear getting skin cancer due to excess UV rays exposure. Even though moderate amount is required for well-being, people with heliophobia have this extreme fear of being exposed to sunlight.

10. Chorophobia

Fear of dancing. People who are shy by nature, very self-conscious will avoid or ignore situations where they will be asked to dance. They dread the very idea of dancing around because of their personality issues and other inhibitions.

11. Helminthophobia

Fear of infection by worms. People who are more health conscious fear of getting infected through worms and they are wary and extra-careful regarding food they consume and other sources, fearing that they could be infected with worms. The very thought makes people suffering from this phobia, nervous.

12. Anthropophobia

Fear of having company (with people) or fear of relations. Some people are so timid, introverts by nature that they fear to have relations with people and even avoid circumstances which bring them in contact with others. People with this phobia are occupied in their own world and have this extreme fear to even initiate talks with people around.

The reasons could be many for these phobias and it is even difficult to diagnose them, but once detected, they can be treated and controlled through cognitive and behavioral therapies.

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