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Popular celebrity health trends

In modern time, celebs are not only the style icons, but also are also role models for a healthy body. Hence, here are some popular celebs and their health trends for you to follow.

1. Megan Fox (Cut Out The Toxins)

After having being told to get fat if she wanted more movie roles, Megan Fox has come a long way. Although she has confessed that she’s not much of a self exercise or dieting fan, Megan Fox believes in cutting out the toxins by having apple-cider vinegar which is said to detoxify the liver. And thereby playing an important part in weight control by speeding up the body’s metabolism.

2. Madonna (Salmon Diet)

Not only does Madonna know the art of reinventing herself; she is one of celebrities who look far younger than her age suggests. The key according to the Pop Diva is following a salmon-rich diet to stay in shape well in her 50’s as she has made tremendous gains from the age-defying properties of the of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in Sardines. Research has also shown that Sardines contain the amino acid tyrosine, which is useful in improving mental functioning of our brains in addition to its benefits for the body.

3. Eva Longoria (Frequent small meals)

Eating small meals throughout the day boosts metabolism and preventing binge eating has been one of the keys to Eva’s awesome looks. In addition, Eva Longoria’s trainer, Patrick Murphy has suggested on numerous occasions that the actress drinks a minimum of three liters of water per day which helps her to maintain her muscle tone and getting the toxins out of her system.

4. Kelly Osbourne (No Alcohol)

Alcohol is an absolute no when going on a serious fitness regime. Case in point is actress Kelly Osbourne who admitted that her excess weight literally dropped off when she went away from drugs and alcohol completely. If you cant go off alcohol completely, try swapping your beer with some more traditional drinks with lesser calories.

5. Alicia Silverstone (Veg Diet)

Alicia Silverstone who gave up her on her famous steak and doughnuts diet in 1998 and became a vegetarian swears by the advantages of being a vegetarian that also includes being voted as one of sexiest looking vegetarians alive in a number of polls. A simple vegetarian diet has many health benefits including a reduction in the incidence of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers apart from being helpful in reducing overall body weight comfortably.

6. Gwyneth Paltrow (Green Tea)

Go green is definitely Gwyneth Paltrow’s mantra when it comes to fitness. Green is not only for adding more greens in her food but also kick starting her day by a cup of fresh green tea. The manifold advantages of green tea not only help raise the body’s metabolism which helps in cutting out the fat but with green tea you are also including good antioxidants as well as adding more water to your diet in a comfortable way.

7. Demi Moore (Balanced Meals)

Demi Moore has been notorious in the past for trying all kinds of famous diets, dieting and exercising schedules in the past. But now she seems to have found her perfect program by changing her diet plan to more healthy and balanced one which includes eating a lot of raw vegetables and cutting out all kind of unprocessed food. Demi Moore is also a self-confessed cardio lover where she exercises at least three times a week to the point of total exhaustion.

8. Eva Mendes (Indulge Smartly)

The foundation of a healthy body is put in place in the kitchen and not in the gym. Celebrity Eva Mendes is the perfect example of the above as the actress is believed to be very careful as to what she eats but is not afraid to take a cheat meal every now and then and indulge on her favorite bread and pasta. She however makes sure that she uses some smart options even when indulging in carbohydrates by sticking to whole meal breads and pastas instead f the white ones.

9. Jennifer Aniston (Yoga And Meditation)

Ever wondered how Jennifer Aniston works on her million Dollar smile? The answer is a combination of ancient Indian art of Yoga along with martial arts and meditation created by her trainer Cameron Shayne. Her balanced lifestyle helps her stay in great shape while Yoga and meditation makes her glow each time we see her.

10. Alicia Keys (Spa and Mental Fitness)

Remember being healthy is not only limited the body but also the mind. One should try and add some sort of mental calmness in our fitness schedules just like Alicia Keys who swears by a trip to the spa each week where you can free your mind and pamper your body in order to achieve a perfect synergy between a healthy mind and a healthy body.