Weight training office workouts

There are many individuals who do not get the time to go to the gym and are tied around the office desk for hours at a stretch. Therefore, these individuals can use the resources available around them for doing some easy exercises in the office. A recent survey conducted has shown an increase of thirty one percent in muscle strength of an individual within two months of starting the exercise. Weight training exercises can be done in the office for a few minutes for effective results and can be performed any time during the day. An indepth knowledge about the weight training office workouts is helpful for individuals and it helps them to maintain their well being and health even while sitting in the cubicles of their office.

Chair lift exercises

Many individuals have to sit in their chair throughout the day. Such is the nature of their job that they do not get any free time to move out of the chair. The chair on which the individual sits throughout the day can be used as a prop for exercising and keeping their body fit. This will help to strengthen the shoulders and chest muscles of the individual. For performing this exercise, the individual should bring the thighs together. Next the arms of the chair should be gripped by the person. Then the individual should try and lift himself from the chair for a few inches. This position should be held for a few seconds and then the back should be lowered without touching the seat. This should be repeated for fifteen times.

Magic carpet ride

This exercise will help the core and the arms of the individual. The individual should open his shoes and try to sit cross-legged on the chair. Next he should tuck him as tightly as he possibly can. The arms should be put on the arms of the chair and the abdominal muscles should be contracted. With your hands, push yourself down and lift a few inches from the chair. This position should be held for twenty seconds. The back should be lowered and resting for a minute is necessary before starting the exercise again. This should be done for five times.

Chair pose

This exercise is one that an individual can do throughout the day. This pose has been influenced highly by yoga. This pose uses the legs and the upper body weight and therefore makes this an ideal exercise to do while sitting at your office. The individual should stand from his chair and push the chair back for about twelve inches. The feet should be placed together or hip-width apart from each other. The knees should be bent and sit back as if you are going to sit on your chair. The upper thighs should be kept parallel to the floor and the arms should be raised to the ceiling. This pose should be held for thirty seconds before releasing.

Desk pushups

For this, the individual should check his desk whether it will be able to bear his weight. If the desk is too flimsy and will not be able to take your weight, the individual can slip to an empty conference room for a number of desk pushups. The heels of the hands should be placed against the edge of the conference table. The arms should be straightened and large steps should be taken by the feet of the individual. The elbows should be bent and the chest should be brought close to the desk. Next the arms should be straightened and then released. This should be done for fifteen times.

Simple stretches

This exercise will help to limber the whole body of the individual. These stretches are the simplest exercises that an individual can perform while sitting in their chair for hours at a stretch. The arms should be raised above the shoulders and the arms must be circled in the air while breathing in air slowly and deeply. The person should stand up and concentrate on straightening his back.

Office chair squats

This is an easy exercise that an individual can do while sitting at his office chair. The individual should go back a few inches with the chair and should give himself a little space for doing the exercise. The back should be straightened as the person sits and the knees should be utilized for lifting the body from the chair. However, the back should be kept straightened. After the individual should stand up, the body should be kept to a sitting position. The person should however not sit on the chair. The person should stop a few inches from the chair. The exercise should be repeated as many times as possible by the individual.


This is a good way of working on the abdomen muscles without any of the colleagues of the individual noticing that he is practicing some exercise. The person should sit straight on the edge of his chair and inhale air deeply through his nose. Next the individual should tighten his abs as he pulls in more air. This pose should be held by the individual until he counts up to ten slowly. The air that he inhaled should be let out through the mouth of the individual. This can often be done throughout the day. Ten or fifteen times of this exercise is extremely beneficial for the health of the individual. This will have a good effect on the abs as well as help in reducing the stress. This exercise will also help in increasing circulation to the brain. The same exercise can be done by individuals when they are standing. An individual can do it while standing at the desk or during waiting for the copies.


Individuals think that working out at the gym for an hour is extremely beneficial for their health. They however forget that working for shorter durations while sitting in their office cubicles is also equally effective for the well being of their health. For doing the twists, an individual can sit on his chair and do it. The arms should be extended straight in front of the individual and the body should be twisted as far as possible to one side without moving the legs or the hips. The arms should be rotated slowly from side to side. The individual should take care that the back is kept straight. The head and the neck should be turned in coordination with the torso of the individual so as to apply the maximum pressure on the core. This exercise can be repeated for ten times for deriving the maximum benefits. Another variation that can be done by individuals is they can raise their arms above their heads straight and bend them as far as possible to one side. The abs should be contracted as the person bends in this position. The individual should breathe out while relaxing from the position and then should bend on the other side.

Knee raise

Knee raises are easy to perform by any individual who wants to keep himself fit by exercising while sitting in their office cubicles. The bottom of the individual should be scooted to the back of the chair and the feet should be placed firmly on the ground. The sides of the chair should be gripped and the knees should be raised to the chest. This will help in engaging the muscles of the abs and they will help in performing this exercise effectively. The exercise should be done slowly to derive the maximum benefits from it. The individual should count till three while raising the leg and again count three while lowering the leg. This can be done ten to fifteen times daily for keeping the body fit.

Front raise to triceps press

For doing this exercise, the individual should sit straight with his abs in and hold a water bottle in his left hand. The bottle should be next lifted up to his shoulder level and given a pause. This should be continued until the bottle is above the head. When the arm of the individual is next to his ear, the elbow should be bent. The water bottle should be taken behind and the triceps should be contracted. The arms should be straightened and lowered down. This can be done twelve times throughout the day on each arm.

Inner thigh exercises

This is also an easy exercise and can be done easily in an office. For doing this, the individual should place a handkerchief or a towel if available between the knees. Then the person should either place a water bottle or an empty coffee cup. The person must sit straight and the abs should be sucked in. The cup or the bottle whatever is placed between the knees should be pressed. Then it must be released and again pressed. This must be done for about sixteen times in slow movement for effectively helping with the well being of the individual.

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