Exercises for a Hot Bikini Body

Individuals who want to hit the beach in a good bikini suit should first ensure that they have the perfect body for wearing the bikini. There are chances that you may have gained some weight during the winter. If you want to look hot in the bikini, then you must ensure that you do some exercises so that your body looks great and you can carry off a bikini with perfect ease and poise. A proper diet and a good exercise regime can help individuals in achieving the perfect body to flaunt on the beach and earn the admiration from her friends. Exercising on a regular routine and following some simple exercises can help an individual in shedding off the extra weight from her body and in gaining confidence to wear a bikini of her choice. Some easy exercises for achieving a hot bikini body are mentioned below.

Power kick exercises

These exercises are very helpful and effective in shedding the extra weight from your body. These exercise help in toning the legs and the bottom of the individual, so that she looks great in a bikini. The legs are the major part of the body which is exposed when you wear a bikini. Therefore toning them is extremely necessary. For doing this, the individual should put one leg in front of the other and perform a lunge. The arms should be straight and the back straight, the individual should then kick with full power, using the leg which was behind. This should be repeated ten times on one leg before shifting to the other.


Yoga is also effective in training the muscles of the body and also in shedding the extra weight from the body of an individual. For individuals who are not into intense-cardio exercises, this simple yoga posture will be immensely helpful for toning their body muscles. The individual should stand straight and pull the hands up straight. The person should ensure that the palms gently touch each other during this putting the hands over the head. Slowly she should lift one of the legs and bend it in such a way so that she can touch the other leg with her tips of the toes. Next the arms should be lowered until they are parallel to the ground and this position should be held for twenty seconds. This should be repeated thrice on one leg and then done on the other leg.

Side leg lifts

Side leg lifts help in toning the muscles of the thighs and the buttocks. So if an individual wants an enviable behind, then she should start doing the side leg lifts. This can be done by either standing or lying on a mat. This depends on the choice of the individual. However the only thing that the person should ensure is that her back should be kept straight. The abdomen should be squeezed in by the person. Then the individual should lift one of her legs in the air for a couple of seconds. Then she should release the position. This should be done for about ten times on one leg before repeating the same process on the other leg.

Back leg extensions

The back leg extensions help in the toning and lifting of the muscles at the same time. This exercise has to be performed on a flat surface. This will ensure that the person will not slip when she will lay the palms on the ground. The knees should be lifted a couple of inches above the ground and leg should be pushed back to make it parallel to the ground. The individual should ensure that her back is straight while she is in this position. She should maintain this position for a few seconds. After remaining in the position for some time, she should release herself. This should be done fifteen times on the same leg before doing it on the other one.


Crunches is the easiest exercise that an individual can perform for getting flat abs. Though it may seem hard initially, with time this becomes easy for the individual to follow. This can be done by bringing the knees to touch the elbow or it can also be done by keeping the legs flat on the ground. Whatever method an individual may follow, she can be assured that crunches do work. The bringing up of the torso and moving it slowly back down without touching the ground requires more effort and strength on the part of the individual. Since these exercises require more effort, this helps in strengthening, toning the abs much faster than the other exercises an individual may perform.

Cycling, jogging or running

Cycling, jogging or running are three simple exercises which an individual can do for getting a hot bikini body which she can flaunt and earn praises from her friends and also from members of the opposite sex. Individuals can practice wither one of them or all of them on alternate days. These exercises should be ideally done in the morning on an empty stomach for effectively burning the calories and helping in shedding the excessive weight. These exercises increases the heart beat rate of an individual and therefore helps in increasing the muscle working out. This leads to the shedding of weight in an individual and helps in enhancing her look.

Bridge exercise

This exercise is a great way to strengthen the buttock muscles and also the back of the upper leg. The individual should lie on his back and the hands should be by the sides. The knees should be bent and the feet should be flat on the floor. The feet should be under the knees and the abdominal and buttock muscles should be tightened. The hips should be raised to make a straight line with the shoulders. The core should be squeezed and the bottom of the belly should be pulled back toward the spine. The pose should be maintained for twenty to thirty seconds before releasing. The individual should ensure that they should maintain a correct position which may be for a shorter duration than maintaining an incorrect pose for longer duration.

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