Top health benefits of psyllium husk fiber

Herbs fall under the category of alternative medicines. Psyllium husk fiber is derived from the blond psyllium and is used for a variety of medicinal purposes. The shell that surrounds the psyllium seed is called the husk. This husk is a rich source of natural fiber. Psyllium husk has many health benefits and individuals before using it should be aware of the health benefits for which they can use it. Some of the health benefits of psyllium husk fiber are as follows.

Bowel regulation

Psyllium husk fiber is often used by individual who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and other bowel disorders. This has been found to be very effective in regulating the bowel movements and helping an individual from getting rid from constipation. The husk is fibrous in nature and soaks in the bowel fluids. This then stimulates the movement within the colon and leads to the formation of a well formed bowel movement. However it has been advised by doctors that people suffering from obstruction or bowel blockage should avoid using husk fiber for stimulating the bowel movement.

Helps in lowering cholesterol

High cholesterol levels can lead to heart diseases and stroke in individuals. According to doctors around the world, consuming about four grams of psyllium husk fiber three times daily will help in reducing the high cholesterol levels in blood of an individual. Consuming this husk fiber reduces the level by nine percent. The husk fiber acts like a broom and it helps in cleaning the colon free of the cholesterol and absorbing the fats at the time of ingestion. Individuals consuming husk should not stop eating the prescribed medicines of the doctor. However consuming the husk will enable him to eat less medicine than he earlier used to consume.

Prevents blood sugar from increasing

Individuals who have diabetes should constantly think of the blood sugar levels in their blood. They should also keep a watch on the food that they consume and how the foods will affect their lives. Eating without thinking about the sugar content can lead to a phenomenal increase in the sugar and starch level in the individual and cause problems. Clinical research now shows that blood sugar can be regulated by consuming husk fiber. When the husk fiber is taken in a meal it will increase the level of satiety feeling and this will lead to consuming less by an individual. This will help your body as the less you will consume, the less sugar will be there in the blood.

Helps in controlling weight

Fiber helps an individual in making him feel fuller. Same is the quality of psyllium husk fiber. Consuming psyllium husk fiber is extremely beneficial for people who want to lose weight and also control it in the future. Consuming psyllium helps an individual to feel full and therefore the individual will not resort to binge eating which is often the reason for weight gain in many individuals. Consuming less food means that the calorie intake of the person is also less and this will help him in maintaining and controlling the weight.


For individuals who suffer from mild to moderate levels of diarrhea, doctors recommend that consuming psyllium husk fiber helps in getting rid of this problem easily. Diarrhea is mainly caused by Crohn’s disease or by ulcerative colitis. The husk fiber helps in soaking up the water in the intestines. They also help in firming the stools and slowing their passage through the intestines. Twenty grounds of husk fiber can be consumed daily twice with water to help in reducing symptoms of diarrhea and also bleeding which is often accompanied with diarrhea.


Psyllium seed husks are mainly used for the treatment of constipation in individuals. The husk fiber contains large amounts of soluble dietary fiber and this helps in relieving people from constipation. The seeds of psyllium contain about ten to thirty percent of mucilage, a thick gummy substance. This seed swell on contact with water and gradually become a gelatinous mass which hydrates and helps in softening the stools making them easier to pass. It also helps in stimulating the intestinal walls to contract, speeds up the removal of wastes from the body and increases the number of bowel movements per day. Psyllium is also effective in reducing hemorrhoid pain caused due to constipation.

Helps to prevent the formation of gallstones

Gallstones are pebble like compounds that form in the gall bladder of an individual. The gall bladder is the organ responsible for storing bile in the body. Bile helps an individual to digest the fat in his body. When bile comprises of too much cholesterol or other such materials, it becomes hardened and forms gallstones. These gallstones (also called choletihiasis) block the normal flow of bile from the gall bladder and causes immense pain in the individual. Consuming the husk fiber will help in reducing the cholesterol amount in the body and therefore no gallstones will be formed in the gall bladder.

Helps individuals with diabetes

People who have diabetes usually have high sugar content in their blood. This happens when the insulin in the blood is not absorbed correctly by the cells in the body and thereby no energy is formed by the body. These cells store the insulin and then convert them into energy to be used by the body when required. This malfunctioning happens when there is a high level of cholesterol in the blood and this hampers the insulin. This is called insulin resistance. Consuming husk fiber has been found to be very effective in dealing with the problem of diabetes. The husk fiber contains soluble fibers, linoleic acid and alkaloids. These compounds help in lowering the blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels in the blood. Doctors advise that one tablespoon of husk fiber can be added to a glass of water and can be consumed twice daily for effective treatment of the disease. It is also advisable to drink lots of water during the day.

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