Ways to ensure and augment perfect male sexual health


Considering the sort of lifestyle people lead these days, it’s imperative for them to develop certain serious medical conditions – some of which might affect male sexual health in a bevy of ways. In the recent years, men have become quite vocal about discussing such issues on different offline and online platforms, whereby they seek ways to ensure that their sexual health is never compromised. Aside from being consistent with their sexual capabilities, some of them wish to augment it further.

In this article, we will discuss some methods that could augment male sexual health and provide them with the sort of confidence they have been always craving for:

Issues pertaining to sexual health


Some of the most common sexual problems that male patients often speak about include performance anxiety, erectile dysfunction, low sexual desire, sexual aversion, and of course, delayed ejaculation. There is none denying the fact that most of these medical conditions are purely psychological, which directly or indirectly hurt them in various ways. Some of them see these health issues as a source of embarrassment, which is not the right thing to do for them. It may even lead to affect their self-esteem, wellbeing, relationship satisfaction and overall happiness.

Instead of lamenting, it’s always makes better sense to undergo thorough medical check-up, diagnose the issue, and accordingly, get the sex therapy that works best for the patient.

Identifying common energy drainers and solutions

Fatigue and poor sleep

sleep apnea

Well, that’s beyond doubt, one of the primary reasons, which lead to most of the sexual health issues in men. According to American Sleep Foundation, adults should sleep for about seven to nine hours nightly with absolute consistency. If you don’t get proper sleep, it will affect most of you daily chores, including your sexual performance as well. And, quite naturally, lack of sleep leads to fatigue, which acts as a barrier between you sexual capability and actual performance. Cognitive behavioural therapy and certain dietary and sleeping environment changes should help you come out of it.

Low Hormones

Absence or scarcity of testosterone – the male sex hormone – which we also call male hypogonadism is the second most common energy drainer. When the testosterone level drops, the sexual energy fails to spark as it used to in your 20’s or 30’s. Testosterone replacement therapy, given via injections, topical gels, patches, and absorbable pellet implants, could help such patients recover fast.

Size matters to most of us

Size matters

Now, that’s something most people talk about and seek ways to realize it somehow.  Yes, we are talking about the size of your manhood. While some males are dissatisfied with the length of their organ, others find the girth not appropriate. For such individuals, certain penis enlargement surgical procedure / s could be a boon in disguise. Some of these surgical procedures include Penile Lengthening Plastic Surgery, Penoplasty and Phalloplasty.


One must understand that one needs to talk to doctor first to analyze whether they are actually suffering with any sexual medical conditions; or, is it just there in their mind. Also, those who wish to be at the pink of male sexual health should inquire about all possible side-effects before undergoing any surgical or non-surgical treatment.

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