Beat Water Retention With Simple Home Remedies

Alternate Alcohol with Water

The cases of edema, commonly known as water retention, are on the rise. It is a medical condition where excessive fluids accumulate in body tissues leading to swelling in hands and feet. The painful condition occurs when lymphatic system is incapable of removing fluids from the body tissues.

Edema can be a result of several factors, such as no or low physical activity, heart problems, allergies, thyroid disorders and so forth. However, one can get rid of water retention with few simple home remedies discussed below.

Keep your salt intake low

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Human body relies on sodium for keeping fluids inside the cells intact and proper functioning of nerves and muscles. However, sodium can be counterproductive if taken in larger quantity. It will drastically increase fluid retention in the cells leading to edema. Since salt is a primary source for sodium, you should restrict your salt intake. Avoid edibles with high salt content, such as potato chips and processed foods.

Drink as much water as you can

 Drink as much water as you can

It could sound strange but drinking as much water as you can will help keep edema at bay. Our body has a mechanism to tide over the dry spell by accumulating water. When the body receives water in sufficient quantities, the mechanism remains inactivated. Moreover, water helps to drain out excessive salt in the body through urine, which further depreciates chances of water retention. Make sure that you end up drinking a minimum of 8 cups a day.

Exercise regularly

 Exercise regularly

If you wish to avoid edema, incorporate exercise in your daily routine. This way you are giving your body a chance to get rid of excessive salt through perspiration and increased urine flow. As well, exercise can play a key role in enhancing blood circulation, keeping weight in control and reinforcing blood vessels.

Eat potassium rich diet

 Eat at peace

Potassium is vital for maintaining sodium levels in our body and draining out excessive fluids from cells. Therefore, potassium deficiency is the primary cause of water retention. Moreover, potassium aids correct functioning of body organs. This makes a valid case for stuffing your diet with potassium rich edibles. Banana is one such edible, which is easily available and can support your potassium requirements comprehensively. Other prominent sources of potassium are spinach, apricots and raspberries.

Stay away from alcohol and caffeine 

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If you wish to keep edema in check say no to alcohol or at least keep its consumption in moderation. Alcohol triggers body’s response to water retention, leading to swollen hands and feet. As well, refraining from caffeine intake is advisable, as it can also leave you dehydrated.

Take Vitamin B6

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Ensuring a consistent supply of Vitamin B6 will help you counter the menace of water retention. Given its diuretic properties, the vitamin is highly effective, particularly for females. It allows your body to excrete urine in larger quantities and keep fluid retention levels in check. Moreover, consistent vitamin B6 intake can serve as an assurance for appropriate levels of progesterone and estrogen in your body. Spinach, bananas, avocados, fish and chicken can be your go sources for Vitamin B6.

Drink parsley tea

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Thanks to the abundance of anti-oxidants and several essential minerals and vitamins, parsley tea can be more than a handful in your fight against water retention. Parsley discourages body from reabsorbing sodium and potassium and facilitates removal of excessive fluids present in cells. For preparing parsley tea, you need to put parsley leaves or a teaspoon of dried parsley in boiling water and let it steep for at least 5 to 8 minutes.

Water retention, more often referred to as edema, is a painful condition leading to swollen hands and feet. However, it can be cured with home remedies that are effective yet simple.

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