Why You Need to Start Taking Care of Your Heart Now


People today make conscious decisions about their health and fitness. But is it really helping them in warding off health risks?

Stats Check

According to the American Heart Association’s research program, cardiovascular diseases are alarmingly at a rise.

  1. They claim more lives per year than all the cancers combined.
  2. One in every seven deaths in America is caused by cardiovascular problems.
  3. Over 69% adults and 32% children in America are obese. One in three Americans indulge in little or no physical activity. Cigarette-smoking is on the rise with 5,700 persons start smoking every day. 43% Americans have high cholesterol levels.

The government spends over $316.6 billion on heart related issues. Can you really afford to ignore your heart health?

Taking Care of the Heart – Do’s and Don’ts

You make lifestyle choices every day. Whatever you choose to do, counts. At times, these decisions are so subtle they’re hardly recognizable as factors contributing to your health. Here’s a checklist that’ll come in handy if you’re really serious about taking care of your heart.



  1. Sleep well: There’s nothing that a good 7-8 hours’ sleep every night can’t heal. If you’re constantly putting in extra hours of work, you’re not only straining yourself and growing older before time you are also elevating your health risks.
  2. Periodic Checks: It’s easier to tackle a problem before it becomes acute. Periodic checks make sure you’re fully aware of where you stand. Consult your doctor about routine tests. If doctor has suggested you ECG, make sure you read the ECG placement guide beforehand, so you know what’s going to happen. Never miss an appointment.
  3. Dental Health. Your gum health is actually related to your heart health. Bacteria that cause gum diseases can travel in your blood stream and trigger inflammation in the vessels, eventually paving way for bigger health complications.
  4. Exercise. You don’t necessarily have to join the gym. Even if you’re indulging in some leisure activity that involves physical activity, you’re better than those who’re leading complete sedentary lifestyles. Regular movements, even walk, are all you need to lead a healthy lifestyle.

young woman smoking cigarette


  1. Smoke: Needless to say, smoking creates cardiovascular problems. This does not only apply to active smokers, but also to passive ones. Stay away from smoke if you aspire to have a healthy heart.
  2. Ignore these Symptoms: If you’ve been experiencing unexplained fatigue, sweating or shortness of breath, and pain in your neck, back or jaw, you need to consult a doctor immediately. These are some of the very first signs of a heart attack.
  3. Diet. Unless you’re consuming a well-balanced diet that has all the nutrition you need to function normally, there’s no use of dieting. Eliminating certain foods will only create a discrepancy in your body and disturb the balance. Unless specified otherwise by a qualified nutritionist, eat good portions of everything. Life’s too short to miss out on all the great foods out there.

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