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Use your smartphone to understand how bad is your snoring

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Use your smartphone to understand how bad is your snoring

Almost 95% of adults in the US own a cellphone and 77% of adults own a smartphone. And around 35-49% people have trouble sleeping at night. According to a study, use of electronic devices, mainly smartphones and tablets before going to bed leads to poor quality of sleep, which can further lead to depression and anxiety.

you are sleep deprivedInsomnia comes in different forms and not getting enough sleep not only decreases productivity but hampers the health as well.

Smartphones emit blue light that can cause insomnia. The reason is simple; blue light is the brightest and the shortest wavelength on the spectrum. So, it can intensely pierce photoreceptors in the human retina. The brain perceives it as sunlight and mistakenly considers it as the daytime.

About the study

 disadvantages of smartphonesA study conducted in 2013 by the scientists at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute found that the self-luminous tablets release blue light that suppresses melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone that is responsible for regulating the sleep-wake cycle of the human body. And people just can’t get enough of sleep once they have such low levels of melatonin and high exposure to the blue light during the night.

Sleep deprived people are more likely to snore. However, as there are some disadvantages of smartphones, there are some advantages. You can use certain apps and popular snoring aids that can monitor the intensity of your sleep and snoring which can help identify how severe is your problem.

Check out these mobile apps that can help with your snoring:


Snorelab is an app Snorelab is an app that can record and keep track of your snoring during the night. In the morning you can check the duration and intensity of your snoring. It can also help you to study the snoring pattern over weeks and months. So afterward you will be able to check the effectiveness of anti-snoring devices.

If you want to use Snorelab, keep your phone next to you during the night and let it do the job.

Quit Snoring

Sleep properlyAt the cost of only $6.99, Quit Snoring can promise snorers and their partners a better night’s sleep. Once you start snoring, the app will create the vibration that can help you to sleep better.

The number of vibrations can be easily customized. The app will compile charts and graphs and give you an analysis of your snoring episodes.

Smartphones have its pros and cons. From one side, it may cause sleep deprivation and snoring, so it is better to avoid using it before going to sleep. From another side, smartphones can also help you to monitor and improve your sleep.

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