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Unprecedented Health Benefits of Using a Wooden Comb

by Dr Prem Community Writer

Combs are a part of our daily routine. One cannot imagine going a day without making their hair. Having said that, it is important to invest in a sort of comb that will bring you great benefits in terms of health.  The continuous exposure to a certain commodity in your daily life shows its effects- good or bad, on your health after a considerable amount of time; and a comb is no such exception. The regular plastic combs that we use have certain ill effects on us, which wooden combs don’t, as far as our physical wellbeing is concerned.

Read on to know more about why it is high time you switched to wooden combs.

Minimizes damage to the scalp:


Hair fall, dandruff and weak hair, all such problems arise from one common factor- an unhealthy scalp. Plastic is not naturally designed to detangle your hair. A healthy and well-nourished scalp does not produce dandruff as a dry scalp does. Using a wooden comb will regulate blood circulation and irritate less while you brush roughly against your scalp. It will ensure the proper growth of your hair.

Controls flakiness and frizziness:

Plastic or metal combs brush against your scalp damaging it further. This leads to flakiness, frizziness, dandruff and dry hair. On the other hand, owing to its texture, a wooden comb slides down your hair smoothly and detangles them as well. You can introduce a wooden comb in your dresser along with your other hair products to take the quality of your hair to a whole new level.

Improves hair quality:


Along with using the latest shampoos and hair-care products, you can try replacing your normal comb with a wooden comb. It is scientifically proven that brushing your hair thoroughly right before hitting the bed distributes the essential oils right from the root till the ends of your strands. Taking it a step further and using wooden combs for this purpose will spread these oils well and evenly. Also, wooden combs contain naturally benefitting components that will improve your hair quality as and when they brush against it.

No static electricity:

Winters and dry whether create friction between a plastic comb and your hair causing its damage in the long run. Wooden combs will not only not produce any static electricity, but will also help negate whatever little static remains. You can be well assured that your hair will be better taken care of with a wooden comb. Wooden combs also naturally condition your hair, and leave you with shiny, healthy, and bouncy hair.

A wooden comb also…


  • …gives you no reason to worry when using a blow dryer or hair straightener. Wood is a bad conductor of electricity, so it won’t heat up and won’t damage your hair.
  • has a pretty long life. It will be a long while before you set out to buy another comb again.
  • is quite easy to clean and maintain. You only need sandpaper to rub between its teeth, and lo! Your comb is as good as brand new. 

Though the above benefits are not all, they are definitely not to be overlooked. On second thoughts, plastic is non-biodegradable, whereas wood is eco-friendly. Therefore, in turn, they play their respective roles on man’s health too. Though when compared to combs of other material, wooden combs are a little on the expensive, but they are worth the money. They are a one-time investment and definitely worth every penny you spend on them. The returns are in terms of betterment of your overall heath.

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