Understanding the pros and cons of natural neuropathy treatments


In the United States alone, there are a million people suffering from peripheral neuropathy. It is a condition where your peripheral nervous system is damaged due to an injury or disease. It affects your peripheral nerves which are the nerves that originate from your brain, spinal cord, muscles, and tissues. While this condition is a pain itself, taking in medication that causes known side effects is another one.

Here are the top 3 pros and cons of natural neuropathy treatments versus conventional medicine.


Reduced risk of side effects


Just like most herbal medicines, natural neuropathy treatments have lesser-known side-effects and are well-tolerated by patients. Traditional medicine sometimes causes unintended consequences whereas natural treatments have a reduced risk of side effects and may be much safer to use over time. If you check a website about neuropathy, you will find information of natural treatments available and their reduced side effects to the human body.

Relatively cheaper than pharmaceutical drugs

Herbal supplements and other natural neuropathy treatments often cost less than prescription medications. This is because prescription medicines are a product of countless research testing and marketing. Natural medicines are often sold at a lower cost than drugs.

It can be bought without a prescription

In most parts of the world, the majority of people only have access to herbal treatment. Herbs such as a peppermint can be bought without any prescription. Its availability and easy access are one of the advantages brought about by natural medicine.


Lack of dosage instruction


One disadvantage of natural medicine is that there is no proper instruction on the right dosage. Self-dosing with herbs can also be a risky move and can potentially cause an overdose. Natural treatments often do not come with instructions so you have to be vigilant when taking it, otherwise it may cause unintended harm. Moreover, some wild herbs used for these alternative medicines may cause poisoning. For people with less to zero knowledge of herbs, it may be hard to identify wild herbs at first glance. A lot of people risk themselves if this is not correctly identified early on. Sometimes, there are plants and herbs that have specific parts that are not advisable to use.

May be inappropriate to your condition

As with other herbal and alternative treatments, natural neuropathy treatments may be inappropriate to the exact condition the patient is experiencing. Unlike conventional medicine, there is no way to exactly pinpoint the exact condition that will be treated with herbal medicine without the use of diagnostic tests, drugs, or surgery.

Interactions with other medications


If a patient takes more than one type of medication, it can be risky to try natural neuropathy treatments as some of them can interact with pharmaceutical drugs.

Most natural medicine and treatments come with a warning, so it is best to discuss it with your doctor first if you are looking to go with natural treatment to avoid risking yourself.

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