Top 6 Fitness Applications of 2019

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The development of modern technology contributes to the improvement of human life in the majority of their daily activities. The area of healthy active lifestyle is not an exception. Fitness apps have become popular on a global scale, and its usage grew by over 330%, a research by Flurry Analytics claims.

No matter what smartphone you own, there are many fitness applications supported by both iOS and Android. This way, all you need is a certain level of motivation to start. Having said that, let’s check some of the best fitness applications available on the market in 2019.

1. 7 minutes workout

7 minutes workout appIf you are only planning to join physical exertion or you have too little time, this application might be your first choice. Due to its intensity, circuit training, as you know, helps to burn more calories than hourly exercises in a moderate rhythm. Sure, the application has been there for ages now, but it is still on the list of frequently downloaded services.

Its benefits include:

  • A simple yet intuitive interface.
  • 12 basic exercises in pictures.
  • Exercises are, as they say, “for all ages”.

Each exercise takes about 30 seconds to do, and 10 seconds to rest respectively. The duration of the whole complex is about 7 minutes. Sounds mark the beginning and end of each approach, so you can safely put the phone aside. Besides, the results of your training will be saved automatically, even if the phone is not connected to the network.

2. Jefit


So far, the application has been downloaded more than 5 million times and the average rating from users is 4.5 points. The app will help those who wish to improve their health condition but are experiencing a catastrophic shortage of free time. The program is able to replace a personal trainer: it will control your exercises and will offer the best advice.

  • You do not need to spend time to set up as you will be able to start immediate training. All your training data will be saved in history.
  • User motivation is accomplished through interaction with other members of the multi-million dollar community.
  • Detailed statistics that allow you to track changes and adjust workouts in a timely manner.

3. Workout trainer

Workout trainerThis certified application facilitates the possibility to achieve impeccable physical condition with the help of thousands of free multimedia courses. It includes an abundance of training without special equipment, so you can train at home. Besides, there are sections for fans of intense CrossFit workouts.

The main advantages of the software:

  • The inclusion of a special widget that can be placed on the desktop and facilitate the work with the program.
  • The ability to add favorite exercises in the “Favorites” category.
  • Detailed audio recordings of each movement.

The only visible drawback is the registration when you start and the lack of opportunity to make your personal training from a set of selected exercises.

4. C25K

C25KPerhaps, all you need is a start. If you find it difficult to choose from thousands of available options, then try this application. It contains a ready-made 8-week half-hour workout plan with a frequency of 3 times a week. The solution provides for a gradual increase in load, initially offering the user purely walks and runs, and then – more intense exercises. The audio trainer comments and encourages you throughout the workout.

5. Daily Yoga

Daily YogaFor the last five years, yoga has gained a lot of followers. No wonder that developers follow this trend and offer lots of yoga-based applications.

The main advantage of Daily Yoga is that it contains not only yoga exercises (or I should have said – asanas), but also fitness exercises. It also provides video lessons dedicated to three hundred different postures for relaxation and the instructions for forty physical exercises. This way, it’s fair to say that this app alone can replace a full subscription to the gym. You can download the program for free in the App Store.

6. Nike + Training Club

Nike + Training ClubThis app is an excellent choice for both beginner and professional athletes. There are more than 100 workouts developed by reputable experts, regardless of the level of training involved. The software is free to use.

Its notable benefits include:

  • Convenient and easy to use interface.
  • No need to purchase an additional package of options.
  • Blocking pop-up ads advertising extraneous products.
  • The section with useful material and its constant replenishment.

However, it has some drawbacks:

  • The size of the application is big as 195 MB.
  • The inability to create your own workout.
  • The need for authorization when you first start.

Final Words

As fitness software developers do not cease to come up with new app development solutions, a significant number of applications help users be in good shape. By the way, did you know that the people who use health and fitness application are arguably among the most devoted users in the whole industry? The same report by Flurry Analytics indicates that the retention rates, the frequency of use and engagement are higher than usual – that is how we, humans, love our bodies.

Of course, this is not a complete list of mobile fitness apps, but I’ve tried to choose the most popular and well-proven. I hope that you will find a reliable fitness assistant and motivator who will help you make your sports activities more interesting and productive.

Summer is coming. Be prepared to astonish everyone by how fit you look.

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