Top 10 Supplements to enhance your memory and intelligence

Asian Ginseng

In a fast paced world, intelligence is a highly valued entity. Equally valued is the power of the memory. Both however are not in abundance in everybody. People struggle day in and day out due to their shortcomings on this matter. From trying out random tips to eventually giving up accepting that there will be no growth in your intelligence it is often a long and perilous journey for many of you. But there are indeed ways by which you can boost intelligence and also your memory. We bet you are eager to know more about this.

Your wish is granted. In this article we will be telling you about the ways to enhance memory and increase your brain capabilities through some helpful supplements. And trust us when we say that life gets a lot easier with the added intelligence levels.

Some of the best supplements to enhance memory and intelligence

  1. Creatine:muscles
    This is a nitrogenous organic acid and it is naturally present in living things. It has multiple benefits in store for the body. Apart from the help in the building and growth of muscles it also helps the brain develop better for an increased concentration and better memory. These reasons have made this a highly sought after supplement and you can use this as a part of your diet to help your brain increase its potential. The role it plays in brain energy homeostasis makes it a supplement worth having. While you can start off with around 5000mg per day it can also be consumed as per the instructions in your product.
  2. Caffeine + L theanine: Unlike popular belief, focus and concentration is not overtly increased with the intake of caffeine. In fact it has an effect as a negative stimulant as well. So the best way to make it effective is to consume this coffee with some L theanine. This neutralizes the negative stimulant effect and heightens your alertness and brain functionality. We would recommend you not to substitute the coffee with green tea because of the higher caffeine content in coffee 100mg of L theanine with about 50mg of caffeine is a potent potion to enhance memory.
  3. Dark chocolate:Dark Chocolate
    Apart from the rich taste the dark chocolates are also loaded with the goodness of flavanol which acts as a cognitive enhancer. From the general mood up liftment to the betterment of memory, dark chocolate will be your helping hand throughout the process as one of the better tasting nootropic brain supplements. You can consume from 50-200 gm per day but only if you ensure that the sugar content is low and the chocolates you are eating contain about 90% cocoa.
  4. Omega 3 fatty acids: This is usually found in fish oil and for easy access people choose to consume the fish oil pills that are readily available. This is a wonder drug for the brain. From reducing the risks of Alzheimer’s to having better memory and better brain functioning, these Omega 3 acids are among the best supplements to enhance memory. Try having 1 or 2 fish oil pills and you will soon see the difference.
  5. Bacopa Monnieri:
    This is mainly found in the Northern parts of India. If your memory fails you often and happens to be your weakling this is the one to try. A dosage of about 150mg of bacosides per day is going to be a huge boost to enhance memory and increase your brain conditions. If you add to this a choline and piracetam combination it is a particularly good supplement for boosting your long term memory in leaps and bounds.
  6. Ginkgo Biloba Extract: This is derived from maiden hair which is an extremely rare specimen found in some parts of China. The extract of the leaves of this plant work as a magic potion for his brain functions. From helping the long term memory to being a help in diseases like Dementia this is among the rarest and the best brain supplement that you can get your hands on. It also helps one pay better attention because the concentrating abilities too faced a boost.
  7. Asian Ginseng:
    Asian GinsengThis again is hardly found elsewhere apart from China. To boost intelligence, few things work better than this. It also keeps you in a happy frame of mind. Around 500 gm per day will heighten your cognitive abilities. From your moods to attention spans and the lack of concentration every problem has a one stop solution to find remedy if you do consume this as ordered.
  8. Rhodiola Rosea: Till now it was all about helping the brain develop. This particular variant however has some other goodness to offer as well. It reduces your fatigue after a hard day’s work. Found in the northern parts of Russia this is also not the most commonly available item. When it comes to the enhanced long term memory there too this is one of the best supplements you can get for yourself.
  9. Spanish Sage:
    work load
    While the Alzheimer’s disease can be stopped by nothing, this is a somewhat of a help too. Your depression and bad work load too is better addressed by this supplement by many others. Around 300mg of dried leaves of the Spanish Sage can be consumed on a regular basis and the results will be for you to see.
  10. Pirasitan cholin: This is one of the best products if you want to stay comfortable. For Alzeimers or dementia this can make your conditions stable for a while and in general the memory is clearly a lot improved after you use it for some time. 

Final words

Focus and concentration coupled with a general intelligence and a level of awareness are a must have in such trying conditions. Go ahead and try these supplements out and you will not be disappointed after using these nootropic brain supplements. While the results will not be overnight, we can assure you that the outcomes will leave you surprised and you will be amazed at how effective these substances will prove to be in the long run.

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