Tips on Working Through Child Speech Issues With Reading


There are a variety of things that a parent can do when trying to increase their child’s brain power. Without some hard work, you will not be able to achieve the level of success you are after when dealing with a child that has speech issues. Many professionals who specialize in speech therapy for toddlers recommend parents reading to their children in order to help with speech issues. The more a child is able to hear their parent pronouncing and speaking words in the right manner, the easier they will find it to correct their own speech patterns. The following are some of the tips to use when trying to teach your child proper speech through reading.

It Starts With Repetition

One of the biggest mistakes that some people will make when trying to use reading to help with their child’s speech problem is picking various books to read. The best way to get your child honed in on the right way to speak is by choosing one book to read over and over again. Rather than picking multiple books, which may confuse a child, you need to use repetition as a tool to teach them about speech and speech patterns.

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Rhyming Books are Great

Most people fail to realize that speech has somewhat of a musical pattern to it. Hearing the speech patterns is an important part of getting of impediments with one’s speech. Using books that feature rhyming heavily is a great way to teach this type of pattern. There are a variety of children’s authors, such as Dr. Suess, who used these rhyming patterns to tell very interesting stories. By incorporating these types of books into the rotation, you will be able to have a higher degree of success in a shorter amount of time.

Ask Questions As You Go

Another very important thing that you will have to do when trying to have success with reading to your child is asking questions along the way. You want to make sure that your child comprehends what you are reading them. Asking them questions along the way is a great way to figure out where they are at and what they need to work on. The time invested in doing this type of quizzing will be worth it, especially when the child gets into school. Performing this type of exercise with a child is a great way to get them to think in different ways.

Be sure to call on a speech therapist to get a bit of guidance on this type of work.


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