Tips To Remember When Travelling By Car with A Cat


Out of all pets, the most popular one when thinking about car travel is the dog, making up around 85% of all the pet travellers. The cat is rarely taken on a trip so it should be no surprise to see the fact that not much is known about travelling by car with a cat. With this in mind, it is completely normal to be stressed of putting your cat in a car.

Fortunately, there are different tips that will help you make the most of the trip. The following are offered by Pickerings Auto Repair.

Pet Carrier Training

It is important to use a travel carrier for the cat as you travel by car. It needs to be as large as necessary for the cat to be able to stand up, turn and also comfortably lie down. Carriers need proper ventilation and the cat needs to get used to them before the actual car trip. You want to train the cat at home. Use bedding, toys, kibble and/or catnip inside, while the door remains open. Let the cat move around, in and out, as she sees fit. Only move the cat with the carrier after she feels completely comfortable.

Familiarity and Comfort

Travelling-By-Car-with-A-CatA cat is highly sensitive to territory and the environment. This is why the car needs to become a cat’s territory. Use a blanket or a towel with the scent of the cat. Place this on its car seat. Put it with you inside and close the doors. The cat needs to be let to explore, do all the wanted rubbing and spread the scent. You can do this several times per day, for around 2 minutes. Then, you gradually increase how much time is spent. This will make the cat comfortable inside the car.

Positive Reinforcement

After the cat is calm inside the vehicle, you can start feeding. Do this for one week. When catnip or play is known to motivate the cat more than food does, the cat can do that. The idea is to basically make sure that the cat is associated with some good things. This makes the cat a far better traveller.

Introducing the Carrier

Travelling-By-Car-with-A-CatIn time, the cat will accept the vehicle. When reaching that point, the pet carrier has to be introduced. Put it in the appropriate place. Be sure that it is away from any airbag and secure. Just turn on the car engine and do not drive away. The cat needs to be used to engine noise and car vibration. Doing this three times per day will quickly make the cat get used to the new environment.

Shorter Rides

After the cat is used to the engine and the car, you need to start moving. The best thing you can do is to just ride up and down the driveway. This can be done numerous times per day. Be sure you use treats and other rewards in order to get the cat even more comfortable. As the cat is ready, you need to extend the trip.

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