Tips for Self-Managing ADHD


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has a host of symptoms that can be disruptive in daily life. If you have ADHD, you may suffer from irritability, fidgeting, difficulty focusing, anxiety, and a short attention span. These symptoms can trickle down into your personal life and make it difficult to find balance in your daily life.

Improve Time Management Skills

Practice better time management

Time management is a huge issue for people who have ADHD. With the condition, you’re more likely to procrastinate, miss deadlines, lose track of time, and underestimate the time you need to complete something. At other times, you may find yourself hyper-focusing and only worrying about one specific task. Poor time management can spill over into the workplace and your financial decisions. To improve your time management abilities:

  • Plan to be early
  • Set up reminders on your phone
  • Pad your time
  • Use a timer or stopwatch
  • Prioritize

With better time management, you can minimize the risk of paying a bill late or not finishing a project at work.

Get Organized

ADHD makes it harder to focus and avoid distractions. Combined, it’s no surprise that the condition causes organization and clutter issues. If you suffer from ADHD, chances are you’re not the best at keeping things organized. Have you ever gone out and bought something new, only to find the original item? This can be a real budget buster!

To control this symptom, focus on smaller steps versus one big tasks. Get yourself acclimated to certain routines and structures. Set up reminders on your phone or put notes in a daily planner so that you don’t forget. By creating structure, your habits are more likely to be organized and neat.

Ask How You Can Save Money


The cost of prescription medications depends on several factors including region, retailer, insurance coverage, and the brand of drug. Because Vyvanse doesn’t have any generic options, the drug is typically quite expensive. On average, a 30-day supply costs about $270.

The good news is that you can save money on this popular ADHD treatment. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about discounts on Vyvanse, so that you can avoid having to spend an excessive amount of money to manage your ADHD symptoms. By saving money on prescriptions, there’s less worry over financial issues or spending over your budget limitations.

Moodiness & Stress Management

With ADHD, mood swings and high stress are common. One of the best ways to manage mood swings and to lessen stress is to exercise. Physical activity is one of the best ways to minimize inattention and hyperactivity. Exercise is one of the top fixes because it boosts your mood, minimizes stress, calms the mind, and puts excess energy to good use. With daily exercise, you’re less likely to experience mood swings or uncontrollable stress.

Other tips for mood boosting and managing stress are to:

  • Use relaxation techniques
  • Spend time outdoors
  • Get enough sleep
  • Eat a healthy diet

Without managing these symptoms, you’ll find that your family and workplace lives can be impacted. Don’t let ADHD symptoms impact your success at work as this can cause even more stress and negatively impact your finances. You also don’t want ADHD symptoms to cause tensions and anxiety at home. Be sure to embrace stress management and mood boosting activities.

Workplace Productivity


Without the ability to focus, productivity can drop, sharply. ADHD creates special workplace challenges. With the condition, it’s much harder to sit still, listen quietly, or be in-tune during meetings. It’s also harder to focus on long-term projects and to meet short deadlines. A lack of focus can also impact organization and prioritization skills.

When it comes to the workplace, ending distractions is the first course of action. It may also be useful to save big tasks for last, write things down, and to take breaks every hour. Getting organized by using colors, making lists, and using a daily planner can also be super helpful.

Budgeting & Managing Money

One of the most costly parts of suffering with ADHD is due to people lacking organization and budgeting skills. Managing money is already hard, but the symptoms of ADHD make it even more challenging. Because of this, overdue bills, late fees, and overspending can cause all sorts of financial issues.

To rein in money management issues, one of the best fixes is to embrace online banking and automatic payments. Bill reminders may also be useful in ensuring everything gets paid in a timely fashion.


Living with ADHD can be a struggle. But, once you understand the symptoms, you can work towards controlling your temper or impulsive choices. Keep these tips in mind to best manage your ADHD.

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