Three Health Benefits That You Enjoy from Cannabis

Health Benefits That You Enjoy from Cannabis

Cannabis prohibition has slowed the pace of research into the medical benefits of the plant. While users have expounded the benefits of cannabis for decades, and we’re glad that health providers are finally catching on. Prohibition has hampered this drug for too long. Now as more states allow for medical cannabis for different health conditions, we’re learning more about what this plant can and cannot do.

1. Helps Manage Chronic Pain

Chronic PainOne of the primary uses of medical cannabis is for managing chronic pain. This type of unbearable pain can be debilitating. While cannabis doesn’t cure the pain, it can make it easier for patients to go about their day to day lives.

There are many sources of pain. While some can result from an injury, medical condition, or nerve damage, other types of pain can be difficult to determine the root cause. High-THC cannabis strains have proven especially helpful for patients dealing with chronic pain. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to manage your chronic pain, then stop by a Downtown Los Angeles Cannabis Dispensary.

2. Helps with Better Sleep

Better SleepInsomnia can lead to daytime drowsiness, confusion, and worse. It can have a negative impact on your productivity and your life in general. Many cannabis users have found that they get a better sleep when they have a puff before turning out the lights. Now there are cannabis vapes and tinctures that have been specially formulated to help you sleep well. These mixtures may include additional linalool, a somnolent terpene that is naturally found in lavender. Stop by a cannabis dispensary in Adelanto to help keep you alert during the day and make you sleep throughout the night.

3. Reduce Anxiety

anxietyAfter chronic pain, managing anxiety is one of the most common reasons people give for their cannabis use. Whether it’s general anxiety or social anxiety, cannabis can help ease one’s nerves so they can go about their lives. While some people find that cannabis increases anxiety, research has shown that this is probably due to dosage and THC levels. High-THC strains are more likely to increase anxiety in individuals. If you’re looking to manage your anxiety, start with a low dosage of THC and work your way up until you find your ideal dose. Because cannabis is biphasic—meaning that different doses have different effects—it’s important to take your time to find the right dose for you.

While cannabis has many uses, that doesn’t make it a wonder drug. It doesn’t cure cancer, despite what some people say (though research shows it may slow the growth of cancer cells). More research is needed to look into the different components of cannabis—its cannabinoids—and how they interact with our endocannabinoid system. Until then, steer clear of claims that seem to good to be true and make sure that you use only high-quality, lab-tested cannabis from a licensed dispensary.

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