Things to know about Psychic Surgery

Psychic surgery is a pseudoscientific mode of surgery (branded as a medical fraud) where the practitioner pretends to do surgery on the conscious patient with his bare hands and then show fake blood or animal parts or any other fake pathological evidence convincing the patient that the lesions caused by surgical incisions have healed up spontaneously.

The practitioner presses his finger tips on the affected areas to make the patient feel that some operation is going on. Psychic surgery that originated in Philippines generated huge controversy in the medical world with recognized surgeons and practitioners strongly criticizing this alternative therapy that kept the seriously ill patients especially those suffering from cancer away from the life support that often led to death in some cases.

How does it work?


One has to bear in mind that Psychic healers are not specialized in treating any disease. They work with bare hands channelizing the guide (which is spiritual) in doing the operation. It does not require any stitches or cuts and the recovery period is almost instant.

Who is the guide?

Though it sounds weird, the guide is none but the heavenly spirit of a deceased noble person specially a spiritual person whom the Psychic healer can call for his aid. The healer may have more than one such spiritual guide at his disposal and can opt for a suitable alternative if one guide is not effective in the treatment. The guide takes over the mind of the healer and directs him to carry out the operation successfully.

Psychic Surgery: The Procedure

The surgeon starts his operation with a silent prayer that calls the guide to channelize the treatment procedure. Greatly focused on treatment, the surgeon’s hands and finger tips start doing scalpel-less surgery just by pressing the specific body areas. The patient does not require any anesthesia and do not feel any pain.

Bleeding is there in the surgery and gradually the surgeon removes the blockages, clots and unwanted elements from the body. He is generally assisted by a person to clean up the treated areas. The entire surgery lasts for few minutes and the scars get healed up immediately after the treatment which is supposed to be done by the guiding spirit.

Post surgery, the surgeon continues to treat the body with his bare hands applying potions created from medicinal herbs to rejuvenate the treated body. After this herbal treatment, the surgeon again utters the prayers and allows the patient to go home.

The patient is able to get up in few seconds and resume his activities. He may feel bit tired but that subsides gradually.

Is it effective or just a hoax?


Surgery without scalpel, cuts, anesthesia, hospitalization period, long recovery time – A thing that modern medical world will never buy. It depends more on the psychological set up of the patient who is either sick of prolonged suffering or has given up hopes of survival being affected a medically terminated ailment opting for this supernatural treatment performed by spiritual doctors.

Testimonials received from persons experiencing the cure from Psychic surgery is still not convincing enough that would lead mass shun the conventional medical treatments and opt for this alternate healing. The biggest drawback is that only a handful of professionals are able to carry on this treatment which is not enough to convince the wide domain of medical science.

Psychological effect

Therefore, the controversy rules with very few having the access to these miraculous healers and fewer number of patients experiencing the results. Neither all will rely on a self proclaimed Psychic surgeon as this type of treatment does not bear any accreditation nor it has seen a massive positive outcome. Psychologists and scientists believe that cure can be mostly achieved through placebo affect when one seriously starts believing that his/her pain or suffering has lessened due to the treatment.

It is more of a psychic treatment that involves body and mind in treatment. A person looking for alternative cancer treatment may experience some benefits but would it be enough to help him/her sustain for a longer time if compared to the conventional treatment benefits? This is a million-dollar question that remains unanswered. 

Psychic surgery, the painless surgery without the use of anesthesia and scalpel and the patient walking back home immediately sounds incredible and its effectiveness is still open to question.

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