Amazing gadgets that target the health conscious

Being health conscious means making informed lifestyle choices which can help in managing healthyour better.A healthy lifestyle includes regular exercise and good eating habits. But you need some gadgets to help you monitor your health. Now, there’s some awesome tech to help you keep fit by trackingyour vital signs,answer queries, manage medication and many more functions. From helping to manage your dental health to having your own household robot, these gadgets are designed to help you stay health conscious:



Let’s start with your dental hygiene. The PerioTwist is a dental device which cleans between your teeth. It claims to be a teeth cleaner which is anti-bacterial and helps you manage bad breath and gum disease. The usage is simple – you either have to twist, pull or push the PerioTwist between your teeth.

This device can be used with a little toothpaste on it for more benefit and as it can fit into large or small spaces within teeth, just as you would normally floss. It is reusable and can be used for up to 1 week. It is one of those health gadgets which may help you in keeping away common dental problems.



Pillo is a smart robot designed to answer health related queries and helps you to connect with doctors. It can help in refilling your supplements and medicines and in their storage. It can act as a medicine dispenser. It has face and voice recognition tech, an app which helps to notify you and your family members when you miss your medication or alerts you when to take it, and syncs with other smart devices in your home.



Ava is a bracelet is a health tracker meant only for women. It tracks menstrual, stress and sleep patterns of women and is supposed to be worn through the night. Getting pregnant is all about knowing the fertile days of the month and this device claims to help women identify 5.3 days in real time, on average, per cycle when they are fertile.

This may help in raising the chances of conceiving as a woman would know the days when ovulation is most. Its smart app informs women about physiological stress, heart rate, fertility window and sleep pattern and body temperature. All these factors hamper in conceiving so an app to monitor these may help.



MOCAheart is a device which monitors different heart conditions. It scans your thumbs and measures the heart rate, cardiovascular health and oxygen levels in the blood. This smart device doesn’t need to be strapped on. The tracker tracks the data by scanning the thumb and then sends the data to the smartphone. It rates the heart health on 1-5 scale and also helps to keep track of your cardiovascular trends over a period of weeks and months. This device can help you to make the necessary changes in diet and fitness regime to improve your heart health.



Cubile is device which has a range of sensors. It can be kept beneath the mattress to help it detect sleep duration and pattern, wake up times, breathing rate and analysis of the heart in real time. It can integrate info from Google Fit and Apple Health with your health data and send this data to your phone through its app.  This device can help in optimizing your fitness training.

It can function as a health tracker.



Body posture is often neglected by most people. Correct posture can help you to be confident and feel fit. Prime4orm is a shirt which can help you to improve your posture. It is a shirt which can be worn everywhere – while driving, in office or in the gym. Its design is intended to re-align muscles of yourupper body to help enhance your posture. It uses Garmatex fabric technology to behave like your second skin, gradually helping you to develop correct posture and have proper body form.

These gadgets can help you monitor yours and your family’s overall health to support you stay in good physical condition.

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