The safest, healthiest and refreshing pregnancy drinks for would-be moms

Would-be moms must take great care of their health, as it directly affects the baby. During pregnancy, you must drink a lot of fluids for the benefit of yourself and your baby. There are some drinks which are safe and healthy for you, and nourish you both. Here are some refreshing and healthy drinks which you can drink during pregnancy:



Water is known as the elixir of life and is the best for expecting mothers. Water is extremely essential to prevent dehydration which could be dangerous and even lead to premature labor in some women.  So lots of water is one of the drinks that pregnant women have to drink a lot.

Fruit juices

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Fruits are loaded with nutrients and you can have mixed fruit juices made at home to enjoy a healthy drink. Whole fruits are certainly better but juices too are great for health, not the store bought ones of course. You can be creative and come up with new combinations every day.

Coconut water

decanter with coconut oil and coconuts isolated on white

Coconut water is prescribed by doctors as the drink of choice when a person is recuperating because of its many properties. It’s one of the safest, healthiest and the most refreshing drinks you can have and as it an isotonic beverage i.e. it contains 4-8g of sugar per 100 ml, and has the same osmotic pressure as body fluids, it replenishes the natural salts in the body immediately and provides a ton of energy of which you just can’t have enough of during pregnancy.

Pregnancy tea


You can have pregnancy teas to quench your thirst too. There are many teas which are counted as safe pregnancy tea and are marked as such. Some pregnancy teas are manufactured keeping in mind a host of benefits for you during pregnancy.

Milk based drinks

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Milk is loaded with calcium and vitamin B12 and doctors recommend drinking milk during pregnancy. A glass of milk a day helps to keep your calcium count up, as also the protein and vitamins which are so vital for your growing baby. You could have milk in the form of smoothies and milkshakes as well, and make a good thing even better, by adding fruits to your glass of milk.

Vegetable juices

Senior woman holding box with vegetables

Homemade vegetable juices are a great way to stay on top of the required intake of vegetables. Mix a number of vegetables (you can look up recipes on the net – there are hundreds of them) and blend them together to give you and your baby the benefit of vegetables throughout your pregnancy.


Pregnant women.

Lemonade is full of vitamin C, and is a tasty way to stay hydrated. A nice, cool glass of lemonade can help to keep morning sickness at bay too.

Fruit mocktails

Fruit mocktails is the safe drink of choice for you when you’re out at a pub or on holiday or a party. Its non-alcoholic and you benefit from the goodness of the fruity ingredients.

Would-be moms need to keep themselves hydrated and apart from water, they can do it with the help of some safe and healthy drinks.

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