The Peculiar Case of Perspiration: How to Overpower Your Over Sweating


Sweating is a natural reaction to heat that helps our body remain cool by soaking the skin. The sweat feels cool even though it’s sometimes uncomfortable. The evaporation pulls heat allowing the human body to endure some of the hottest environments in the World.

Your perspiration can become a predicament, however, if it causes anxiety and discomfort.You were born with those sweat glands — they are in your genetics — so it’s out of your control how much you’ll sweat. Though, there is certainly a selection of natural ways you can make it less embarrassing.

This article shares the best tips to deal with over sweating.

What’s Making Me Sweat Profusely?

Perspiration It’s likely you have hyperhidrosis.

Hyperhidrosis is naturally occurring though can also be caused by several medical conditions like diabetes and low blood sugar. You may know it better by common terms like “sweaty palms” or “clammy hands” for those over sweating in their arms. Or, “sweating bullets” when you’re under duress.

These are the type of conditions where your shirt’s armpits and possibly the neck are soaked. Matted, unkempt hair and stickiness are a way of life for those with heavy perspiration.

It’s estimated about 3% of the World’s population has hyperhidrosis so you’re not alone.

What Can I Do About My Excessive Sweating?

You’ve come to the realization you can’t stop yourself from sweating. But, you’re willing to make a few lifestyle adjustments and invest in resources helping you curb the excess sweating. Great!

Experiment with these options to help you find which will work best for you:

Use Sweat Combating Products

Deodorant is your go-to product to help block stinky pits and other troublesome areas. But, you could also try a variety of powders like they used in older times. Or, you could try wipes for nervous sweating which block sweat for 4-7 days at a time, too. Try a variety of brands until you found the perfect one.

Ditch Caffeinated Drinks

consuming teaCaffeinated drinks, especially energy drinks and coffee, will spike blood pressure and cause jitters. Your racing heart can spur anxieties causing sweat to flow. Caffeine withdrawal will happen, water coffee/tea down to ease off the addiction until you’re running on natural energy.

Dress Down

You want to look your best but layers of clothing (and makeup) don’t let your skin breathe. This goes the same for dressing up in climates the locals wouldn’t get caught doing so. See what you can get away with in terms of casual attire or by mirroring the social norm.

Otherwise, switch to fabrics and clothing items featuring “breathing technology”.

Pick Your Battles

Prioritize your activities so you’re spending less time outside and in the sun. Make a plan for optimizing the moments you will need to run errands, hold outdoor meetings, or doing exterior maintenance work.

Wash Often

Dried sweat and soaked clothing will clog your body’s pores and sweat glands. The blockage can instigate acne and heavier sweating. Take a shower if you have time between sweaty activities. If you don’t have time, use handkerchiefs, washcloths, and towels to do a once-over so you’re skin is clean and breathing.

Try deep cleansers for your face and body helping to clear pores, too.



Anxiety and worry about excessive sweating can cause even more sweating! Try to relax your mind through breathing exercises and “letting go” of what you can’t control. Track what’s triggering your anxiety and confront it. Do your best to slow down and relax.

Watch Your Diet

The extra salt intake from processed foods causes the body to “flush” itself via sweating. Spicy foods have ingredients alerting your body’s temperature so it starts sweating to cool off. Avoid chowing down on fast or spicy foods before important events for an easy ‘win’.

What Your Sweating and Body Odor Say About You

You don’t tend to smell your scent and few people will tell you if you smell bad because most people prefer to be courteous. But, it is there and it could be affecting your activities and relationships (personal and professional).

This post covered a slew of ways to stop excessive sweating. Try a few and see which works best for you!

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