The Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone Levels


Whether you’re a guy or a girl, testosterone is an important hormone for your overall health. For men, it is the main factor behind a high sex drive. When testosterone levels drop, sex becomes the last thing on a guy’s mind. But this important hormone also affects the way you lose weight, improve your muscle growth and staying healthy. It’s no wonder that people of all ages and gender identification seek to keep their levels of testosterone normal. While a healthy lifestyle helps, some people find that using natural products like Shilajit Powder is a good booster.

The Natural Ways

In many cases, your body doesn’t produce enough testosterone because your lifestyle is not healthy. It could be the food you eat, lack of sleep, or a sedentary lifestyle that leaves you testosterone-deprived. Luckily making a few changes to your daily habits can help you. For example you can:

Get Enough sleep

Get Enough sleepResearch has shown that not getting a good night sleep can impact your testosterone levels. And as the quality of your sleep deteriorates so does important functions in your brain. Just one week of poor sleep brings down the level of the hormone in your body drastically. This is most apparent between 2 and 10 pm. This can lead to complicated health problems. So make sure you get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep every night.

Have More Zinc

If there’s one element that has a direct influence on the levels of testosterone in your blood it is zinc. This is the first thing that physicians test for when they notice a significant lack of the hormone in your body. That is easy to remedy, however. Natural foods that are rich in zinc include chicken, red meat, oysters as well as crab, lobster, nuts, whole grains, and beans. Your body needs about 11 mg of zinc on a daily basis if you’re an adult male and less if you’re a female.

Cut Down on Sugar

cut down SugarRefined sugar is so ubiquitous in many of the foods we eat that it is hard to notice how much sugar most people consume on a daily basis. Practically you can find added sugar in the majority of processed foods you find at the store. Sugar is cheap and adds taste to any type of food from soup to processed meat. But this excess sugar consumption can reduce testosterone levels in your body by up to 25%. Not to mention that too much glucose in your blood can lead to insulin failure which causes type 2 diabetes.

Exercise More

Studies on athletes found that there was a sharp increase in the testosterone levels in their blood after exercising. The same applies to normal people who go to the gym regularly. Even light to moderate exercise can lead to a spike of the hormone in your blood. It also helps boost your mood and triggers the release of mood-regulating hormones in your brain.

The Natural Products

If you still find it hard to raise your testosterone levels even after following all those natural ways then using natural products can regulate the hormone in your body. These supplements include:

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus TerrestrisOne of the oldest medicinal herbs in use. Modern studies on the herb were conducted mostly on animals but have shown great results in boosting the sex drives of the test animals that used the herb. The few studies that tested the herb on humans also gave good results. Men who had sexual problems got a 16% boost of testosterone after using the herb. For people with no erectile dysfunction problems, however, the herb had little effect on the hormone production in their bodies.


In some people who suffer from low testosterone, the problem is not in the amount of the hormone their bodies produce, rather in the fact that testosterone gets converted into estrogen at a high rate. Those people would certainly benefit from using fenugreek supplements. The herb lowers the body’s tendency to convert testosterone which raises the levels of the hormone in the blood. A study on 60 men found that the group that had 600 mg of fenugreek every day had an increase in libido, a boost in energy levels and overall health improvement.

Vitamin D

Boost-Testosterone-LevelsVitamin D is a natural steroid that contributes to the muscle growth and general wellbeing of the body. You can get vitamin D from exposing your skin to the sun in the morning for about half an hour every day. For men, this can help the sperm quality as well. A recent study found a strong relationship between vitamin D deficiency and the low testosterone levels in the blood. When those people got a daily dose of sunlight on their bare skin, vitamin D increased in the body which resulted in higher testosterone as well. Vitamin D supplements can help people during the winter months when sun exposure is not possible.

Testosterone is one of the most important natural hormones in the body for men and women alike. Boosting the levels of the hormone in your body will improve your health and wellbeing.

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