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The Effects Of Drug Abuse On Families And Society – A Major Growing Concern

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Effects Of Drug Abuse On Families

Drug abuse has become a major concern globally. Societies around the world have been fighting tooth and nail to look into this matter from the root. Whether you look at the small-term effects or the larger scale of things, it is becoming a serious situation in every way.  In this blog, we will get to know the effects of drug abuse on families and the social impact as well.

Children who are as small as 6-7 years even become targets for such forms of abuse. There are so many cases where drug peddlers have sold different forms of drugs in the form of candies to such kids. Children between the age groups of 15-19 are the biggest targets.

The effects of drug abuse on families

Effects Of Drug Abuse On Families

Families pay the biggest brunt of drug abuse. It is heartbreaking to know that your loved one is a victim of drugs.  Families have been broken in so many ways only because there are a handful of people who earn their living by destroying the lives of others.

As the whole situation progresses, the noticeable changes in the behavior of the victim become unbearable. Users who are addicted to chronic substances do not even realize what they are doing to themselves as well as their near and dear ones. This is one of the effects of drug abuse on families.

The damages sustained through this addiction effects the victim emotionally, mentally, and physically. In many cases, the parents/spouse of the victim does not even know that a family member has fallen prey to this. It is only when things get worse that there is a noticeable change in the behavior.

No matter how much logical and sound evidence you use to support your viewpoints, the reality is that families get destroyed because of such addiction. The effect on children is the worst. The physiological damages that such addiction can cause leave a scar on a child’s mind for a very long time.

Impact of alcohol and drug abuse on our professional life

Impact of alcohol and drug abuse on our professional life

The brunt of drug and alcohol abuse does not affect only our personal lives. They take a toll on our professional lives as well. Not only does our productivity reduce drastically, but due to the constant need for alcohol and drugs, we cannot concentrate on their work.

Even the productivity of a person reduces drastically because of the effects of such problems. Absenteeism, misbehaving, disrespecting our fellow workers, etc are some of the many problems that such people face. In the worse case situation, such people even commit frauds and scams in some ways.

Alcohol and drug abuse are associated with crime on the street

crime on the street

People who are victims of alcohol and drugs often end up becoming criminals. Robbery and theft in such people often result because they want money for their addiction. Sometimes they also end up committing crimes like murder and rape because they are not in their senses.

When you look at the statists and numbers, the results can alarm you. The growing concern of such crimes does not target a person from particular age groups. It can be any random person of any age group.

People who are victims of such abuse become all the more revengeful. When they want to get back to someone, they can end up torturing a person beyond human imagination. This is all because their mental stability is not even close to normal.  These are just some of the situations that arise when we cover alcohol and drug abuse in association with crime.

Health damages of alcohol and drug abuse

mental illness

Health damages of alcohol and drug abuse are equally drastic and concerning. There are long-term as well as short-term effects of alcohol and drugs on a person’s body. These effects vary depending on the type and quantity of the drug that they are on. Loss of appetite, lack of sleep, abnormal blood pressure and heart rates, and even mood swings are the part of the short-term effects.

The long-term effect can even lead to organ damage, problems with the nervous system, mental illness, cancer, etc. Over time, the body stops reacting to any kind of medication. This can be fatal since it becomes very difficult to treat such patients.

In the worse case situations, the effects of the drug abuse can result in paralysis or damages caused to one or many parts of the body. In some situations, it can also result in the death of the person due to drug or alcohol overdose.

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