The dangerous consequences of popping pimples on the triangle of death


Some people love to pop the pimples on their face and they seem to enjoy what they do. Well, as much as you may consider this fun, but the fact is that it is actually not a good idea. Before you can consider popping your bump on your face, there is something that you should know about, it is called as the Triangle of Death.

Popping your pimple may not only be the reason for you to develop more, but it might also make you experience pain, and you might end up having a swollen face. It is because popping pimples, at times, might also lead to severe infection, which might prove deadly in certain cases.

So why is it that you should not do this?


The triangle of death is considered one of the most sensitive areas of the skin. This is a term used by dermatologists to represent the area at the corners of the mouth. This region has close link to the skull. These two areas are connected through various blood clots. When you pop a pimple on this area, you are risking yourself, since you may develop an infection.

This infection can also end up spreading very rapidly to the body parts, including the brain. In such a case, the person’s life can be in danger. One of the most commonly known infections on this particular region is called as the Staph infection.

Although the chances for an infection of spreading in this area may not be that much, however, if it does, it is disastrous. It can be controlled with antibiotics, but, given the fact that this is a sensitive zone, doctors and healthcare professionals always advise not to pop pimples.

Another reason why it is said that you should avoiding this habit is due to the fact that this area of the skin is not very thick. Due to this, it becomes easy for bacteria and infection to get into the body and to gain access to the control center of the body.

The control center and how it can infection can affect you

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The control center of the body consists of four cranial nerves that are said to be the major nerves of the human body. These nerves are responsible for the various functions of the face.  A person can develop various problems depending on which nerve is infected. This can include conditions like face paralyses, impaired motor functions, and even loss of vision.

The threat of Cavernous sinus thrombosis

blood clots

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, there is also another risk factor called cavernous sinus thrombosis. This is a condition that generally develops due to infection in the sinus cavity. In this condition, a person may also have the chances of developing blood clots or even getting a stroke. The worst-case scenario in this case is the death of a person.

Why does this happen?


Given the fact that this zone is so sensitive, there is also another side to it. If there is an infection in the body, it generally takes a long time to spread across the entire system, however, when you develop an infection on this area, it can spread easily considering its short distance from the main control center. Once this happens, the bacteria can damage the body very badly. Apart from that, the access is also possible due to the areas of the nose and mouth.

The various treatments that are available


The sooner you get to know about this problem, the better and safer it is. This is because you can easily get the necessary treatment right on time to save yourself before it is too late.  There have been cases where patients developed infection in the brain, and they didn’t even know about it. This is because they generally get symptoms like sharp pains in the body, unusual tingly feelings or even a stiff neck. This is often misunderstood as just a pain and sometimes they even go ahead and overlook the fact.

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