Excess use of technology may lead to behavioral issues in adults


Today we live in a world where technology surrounds us in every form. From the computers to the Internet and our cell phones, the list can go on. No doubt, the advancement of Technology has given us a better life especially in the areas of education and medical science. Nevertheless, it has made a major impact on us and has become an integral part of our lives. When we do not have access to our cell phones or internet, our condition becomes very similar to that of a person who is addicted to drugs.

Behavioral issues in adults are increasing


We have got so used to technology that our behavior, attitude and the way we speak changes.  There was a time when we would do everything manually, but we still had time for our family and friends. People were happy even in the midst of all the problems they faced. The difference between the earlier days and today is just one word – TECHNOLOGY.

It is not difficult to understand the human behavior. Although we may not be experts in this field, but if we notice how people behave we can understand it easily. Some of the common behavior we all have include.

  • People get frustrated over small things like the battery dying out. We tend to start having mild temper tantrums like getting irritated and throwing our phones.
  • If the internet is down, the most common behavior is calling the customer service and throwing our frustration because the internet is down.
  • We get anxious if somebody does not respond to our messages or picks up our call. Very often, we end up mumbling and grumbling to ourselves.
  • Just in case things do not go the way we want while we are working, we get irritated. That irritation starts to reflect on our behavior towards our family.
  • We start getting bored if there is no TV or internet access. Instead of going out and using the time to meet our friends, we sit at home and sulk.
  • Instead of spending time with our friends face to face, we catch up through chats and social media. Even when we sit down for dinner, we are busy with our cell phones.
  • Today we do not remember phone numbers only because we have the convenience of our cell phones. The result, when we lose our phones we cannot stay in touch with people.

The list can go on but the basic truth is that today we feel that we are nothing without technology.

The impact on our health due to the advancement of technology


Technology is advancing at a drastic pace and so is our dependency on it. While on one end, the use of technology helps to simplify our lives; on the other hand it is creating an impact on our health.

  • Simple chores like cleaning the house is now in the hands of technology. The proof of that is the launch of the cleaningbots. The will to do any kind of physical work has reduced which in turn affects our health mentally, emotionally and physically.
  • Fresh food has become a once in a day concept since we have the refrigerators to store our food. This takes a toll on our health.
  • Every year, studies and research show that the number of obese people is increasing. Diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, depression, anxiety etc have become so common today.

Researchers have even pointed out to the fact that it is not just adults, but technology also affects our children in so many ways.

The reality of using technology and its impact on our behavior



The recent studies very clearly show how technology is taking a toll on us. In one of the recent studies, there were two main objectives behind the study.

  1. The dependency of technology as per age groups varying from 18 – 30 years.

The results – On an average, the dependency was close to 85.20%. The highest were those between 18-19 and 20-24, which stood at 95.10% and 92.80% respectively.

  1. Activities that people prefer to do using technology.

The results – The number of people who preferred to stay in touch with friends and family was close to 97%. The second highest activity was sharing different forms of media, which was close to 68%.

Through these simple statistics, we can clearly see how technology is influencing our behavior in so many ways.

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