Sub-Scope makes glucose level monitoring simpler for sport active users

Ruifeng Yeo from New Zealand has come up with an amazing glucose level monitor that can come handy for those who are actively involved in sports, especially underwater sports.This device called Sub-Scope can be very helpful for active people who have the problem of Type-1 diabetes. Find out how this small yet connected device can be a boon.

The usability of Sub-Scope

Sub-Scope can be quite useful for sports enthusiasts and active users who need to keep a constant check on their blood sugar levels. Usually, it becomes a problem when a person has to carry heavy monitoring devices with them. In addition, it can be a break in their rhythm and activity when they have to check glucose levels at times of their involvement in sports.

Sub-Scope is a great option because of it being a waterproof sub-dermal system. The device is useful for regular glucose level checks at the convenience of a person, as it stays connected to a smartphone app. Active users can maintain their health and diabetes-related issues on the go with such a monitor.

Product design and functionality

Sub-Scope 2

The Sub-Scope system includes a waterproof watch that can be worn even while going for a swim or exercise session. The watch does not give an appearance of a medical device, and it can blend well with a user’s wrist. It shows colorful animations to tell about the monitored glucose levels. For instance, it has subtle graphics that change when the blood glucose level increases or decreases. Similarly, blue shows maintained levels while blinking red indicates an alert of high levels.

Further, the system has a sub-dermal passive RFID coated with a biocompatible material,which actually monitors sugar levels after its implant is done in the user’s forearm. This chip can send and receive signals, and it works in synchronization with the activated watch and an app that can be installed on a user’s smartphone.

All monitored statistics are displayed on the app that has a neat andfriendly user interface. A quick look at blood glucose levels can also be had on the watch face if instant information is needed. In fact, you can also swipe the top screen if you require an accurate reading of monitored glucose levels.

Ease of product use

It is very simple to insert the chip into the body where it can stay for around a year. The monitoring data is updated every two minutes. Thus, a user can receive constant information even while performing his/her activity. Additionally, the device can be used comfortably under water and throughout the day.

Without any break in momentum and skin pricking, Sub-Scope can help sport active people keep a regularcheck on their blood glucose levels. This effective and reliable system helps them in maintaining diabetes and their health on the go.

Source : Tuvie.Com

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