Stress in children is graver than stress in adults


Stress is something that affects us and does not see age or gender. While others feel that they are under a lot of pressure and stress in comparison to children, the fact of the matter is that teenagers and young adults are the ones that are more stressed out.

Despite the fact that that the children of today have access to everything they want, reality is that the pressure of the experience is nothing compared to what an adult feels. It is not just the pressure of getting the studies done. The pressure of an unpleasant experience can actually effect the psychological, social and biological factors of one’s life.

A look at the reality and facts

Stress in children

If you look back to the 1990 1980 and 70s, the life of a teenager was very different than what it is today. Although in those days we did not have advanced Technological devices or a Lifestyle in compared to that of the teens today, the children of that generation were happier. The fact that they actually had a childhood, which was more satisfying, is one thing that kids of today do not experience.

Health problems and concerns faced by kids of today

The constant pressures in every area of their lives are becoming a major issue in children of today. Along with that, they also have a constant pressure to fit in and have various kinds of dilemmas regarding where they stand. Children face many health problems because they are under so much of stress. Let us look at some of the most common problems that kids of today face.

  • Sleep deprivation is the biggest problem


In order to ensure that they live a life that can shape their career, the kids of today are even deprived of their basic rights to rest well. Studies show, that on an average, during school nights, many children do not even get 7 hours of sleep. Because of this, they are tired, weak and often end up falling sick more often.

  • Depression, anxiety, and body changes are at the all time high

Kids of today grow up fast, even their natural body and hormonal changes causes them to be prone to various other health releated issues. Depression and anxiety is so common in children today. These trigger factors also result in unreliable vocal cords, acne, early, delayed or problematic periods and even the rapid growth of spurts. The various biological changes also results in children being stressed most of the time.  Studies find that girls are more prone to stress than boys of today are.

  • Mental trauma and crime related stress


Another scary fact that one can’t help noticing is that the children today are easy victims of many crimes. While chatting and texting has become one of the most favorite past times today, it has also become easy for predators and criminals to choose their victims. Since the virtual world has taken over our lives so strongly, the kids of today are prone to cyber bulling and stalking. The worst part is, that the children don’t even inform their parent about such things.

Some other reasons why children are so stressed out today

Making crucial choices at an early age

Children have to not only think about their present, but also have to move in the right direction to shape their future. To cope up with the ever changing and advanced form of living, they also have the stress of making choices that can be crucial.

The competition of living life today


Compared to what it was 15-20 years back, the market of today is very competitive and cut throat. To ensure job security and a better lifestyle, children today have to work hard from day one. The ever growing concerns of what is in store for their future is another factor that is getting teenagers to worry at a very early age.

Expectations are high and teenagers are forced to live up to it

Pressure from family, friends, and society are all creating a void in their lives, which at times even makes them question their own identity. A teenage life today is no longer one’s own, teenagers have many people sitting on their head and they have to cope with the different expectations of those who are a part of their lives.  Every single person in their life today has certain expectations from them.

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