Snoring Can Be More Than An Annoying Problem


Snoring all night long will annoy anyone you are sleeping beside and if it’s loud enough, it can bother everyone in the entire house. The unconscious habit can be a real nuisance for you and your family, but it should also be a cause for concern. Snoring is often linked to severe health problems that you will want to take care of as soon as possible.

It Can Be A Sign Of Sleep Apnea

Sleep ApneaSnoring when you are sleep deprived, inebriated or sick with a stuffy nose is completely normal. You should be a little uneasy when the rumbling is noticeably loud and when you do it every single night — this could mean that you have been living with a disorder called obstructive sleep apnea the entire time. The condition obstructs the upper passages of your main airway so that you snore, gasp or choke while you are asleep. When the passage is routinely blocked, you lose precious oxygen to your brain and feel exhausted the next morning.

You should start looking for a CPAP store near you and get yourself a continuous positive airway pressure device for your treatment —it will help you breathe throughout your sleep cycle by keeping your airway open. Using the machine and mask will allow oxygen to be delivered to your brain uninterrupted so that you feel rested the next day. A place like ProfMed Healthcare Solutions would be a convenient choice because they have a variety of machines, masks and accessories like nasal pads and bumper belts to make the treatment more comfortable for you.

It Can Be A Sign Of Early Memory Loss

Human BrainAnother concern that you should have is that snoring could be a sign for memory loss and cognitive decline at an earlier age than expected — researchers found that a person with a history of snoring is more likely to be diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. This disease can cause short-term memory loss, mood swings, disorientation, dementia and gradually death. There is no known medication that can prevent Alzheimer’s, but you can work to improve your lifestyle and stop snoring.

It Can Be A Sign Of Heart Problems

heart-ailmentsYou should know that your snoring could be a warning sign for serious medical conditions, specifically high blood pressure and heart problems — researchers have found that women who frequently snore have approximately twice the risk of having a heart attack or stroke than women who don’t. Consult your doctor about your blood pressure and make the lifestyle changes to address it, like treating sleep apnea, eating better and exercising more.

The loud rumbles that escape your lips during the night may seem like a frustrating disturbance more than anything else, but medical researchers have proven that they could be signaling a health scare. Taking care of your raucous sounds will give you some assurance that your health is on the right track, and it will give your family some much-needed tranquility.

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