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Small Changes, Big Lifestyle Rewards

by DrPrem Jagyasi

We have all had that moment where we look at our neighbors, coworkers, or friends and think to ourselves, “Wow, they really have it figured out,” but in reality everyone has something happening in their life that they’ve chosen not to share with others. We may not know everything that is going on in the lives of others but we’re certainly aware of everything with our own. Although the “perfect life” doesn’t exactly exist, if you’re true to yourself and make the conscious decision to live a better life then you can come pretty close. 

small nagging issues that bother you

To live a better life you need to take some personal action but the good news is there are simple things you can do that are easy to execute but still produce great results. One simple remedy is to remove the small nagging issues that bother you on a daily basis but don’t require much effort to solve.

The most common issue almost everyone faces is the status of their health. We hear repeatedly that you need to exercise, which I agree leads to a healthy lifestyle, but I would argue healthy food intake and nutrition are far more important.

You don’t have to change your entire life or diet to make a meaningful impact, start off with a small commitment to eat healthy just 1-2 days a week and as you start to feel better add additional days.

chronic back pain

If you’re having physical issues then don’t let them fester because they will negatively affect your mental state and how you go about everyday routines, often things such as sore muscles or chronic back pain can be relieved with simple stretching, strength training, or yoga.

As much as many of us don’t like change it is important to have it in our lives. This is because without it our daily routine can cause boredom that leads to an unhealthy lifestyle. To break from the routine, schedule time for your favorite hobby and if you don’t have one then maybe it’s time to give something new a try, websites like coursehorse offer lots of fun adult activities like painting, cooking, photography, and woodworking classes.

Knowledge also stimulates a better lifestyle because the more educated you are the more confident you’ll be. Want to dazzle your friends with your smarts then explore taking language classes or sharpening your math skills.

Fitting in a little relaxation on a daily basis may not always easy but it’s important because it allows your mind and body to reset so you can take on your next challenge with vigor. Since your home is where you spend most of your time you should remove anything that is causing stress.

Anyone who owns a home knows that home repairs are part of what you signed up for but some tend to bother you more than others – whether it’s a leaky faucet, broken step, damaged roof, or mold damage do yourself a favor and either fix it yourself or call an expert to just get it behind you. The sooner you take care of those little nagging issues the quicker you will be able to enjoy more relaxation time at home.

If you’re a pet owner

If you’re a pet owner like me then you know how important your pet can be to brighten your day with their unconditional love. Maybe it’s time to give back the love and treat your pet to something special like a nice grooming, removing their tear stains, buying them a new toy, or just teaching them a new trick. This will not only make your pet feel good but you will give you joy as well.

This is just a snapshot of the thousands of small changes you can make in your daily life that will help you live a happier and healthier lifestyle. There’s no time better than now to make a commitment to yourself.

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