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Six Month Smiles for perfectly straight teeth

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Are you feeling self-conscious every time you look at your less than perfect smile in the mirror? Well, now you have good reason to smile because there’s a teeth straightening procedure called Six Month Smiles that does exactly that.

You’ll see great results in only 6 months, and there are no uncomfortable metal braces to contend with. Let’s take a closer look at how this works.

What exactly is a ‘Six Month Smile’?

Can the Six Month Smiles system actually move and straighten teeth? Yes, it can. Can it make your front teeth look better? Yes, it can. Can it act as a substitute for regular braces? In some cases, yes, it can.

Six Month Smiles is a modern dental treatment that works by targeting only those teeth that are seen when you smile. Why focus attention on straightening teeth at the back of the mouth when no-one sees them?

Because the treatment uses low force to gently shift teeth, it’s intended for adults with gapped or uneven teeth who don’t need major alterations to their bite. It still means wearing braces, but these are not the unsightly, traditional metal kind. Instead, the system uses clear ceramic brackets and soft wires that are tooth coloured, so they’re difficult to see.

What can Six Month Smiles achieve?

The Six Month Smiles system provides short-term results by straightening teeth over a 6-month period. It corrects gaps between teeth, straighten and realign uneven, misaligned or overcrowded teeth, and can also deal with other dental issues:

  • Overbites
  • Open bites
  • Cross bites
  • High canines
  • Reverse smiles
  • Intrusions
  • Extrusions
  • Spacing
  • Tipping
  • Rotations

What does the procedure involve?

The Six Month Smiles system uses transparent or opaque memory wires and brackets on a patient’s front teeth to gently align and straighten the teeth. The pliable wires work together with pre-positioned brackets to realign teeth quickly and comfortably.

Is it the right solution for me?

Every smile is different, but with the Six Month Smiles system most people can be treated in or around 6 months and the results are impressive. Typically, suitable patients have only mild teeth spacing or crowding problems and their bite is fine.

For those needing extra orthodontic treatment to deal with issues such as a deep bite, an open bite, an overbite or serious bite issues at the back of the mouth, aligning and straightening only the front teeth is not the best option, and could, in fact, cause their problems to worsen.

Pros and Cons of Six Month Smiles

PRO 1  You’ll be done in around six months

This orthodontic treatment can gently straighten and realign teeth in as little as six months. This is considerably shorter than other teeth straightening methods.

PRO 2  Clear brackets that are less visible

Instead of using unsightly metal brackets, the Six Month Smiles system uses advanced materials of clear, almost invisible wires, and ceramic brackets that are forgiving on the mouth.

PRO 3  Cheaper than traditional metal braces

Money is saved because it takes a shorter time to get the desired results. With traditional braces, you have to visit your dentist regularly for up to 3 years for minor adjustments and wire tightening.

PRO 4  More comfortable than traditional braces

Six Month Smiles is only used on your front teeth; it’s a more comfortable treatment than traditional metal braces. And because it uses a much lower force when moving teeth, there is hardly any discomfort.

PRO 5  Boosts confidence and self-esteem

Having a great smile is something special. Six Month Smiles will boost your confidence and your self-esteem.

CON 1  Initial discomfort

At first, the system can affect a person’s speech and also cause increased salivation. Some people may even drool a little when they speak. Be assured that this is a temporary effect that should soon return to normal.

CON 2  Patient expectations

In many cases, people aren’t made aware of some of the disadvantages of the brace, and unrealistic expectations can result. To get the results you’re after, it could mean that the only alternative is to receive treatment for a second time, and this can be expensive and time-consuming.

CON 3  Your bite is not improved

Because Six Month Smiles only straightens the front teeth, they don’t improve the way your teeth bite together – in fact, sometimes your bite can be worse after treatment. Normal orthodontic treatment doesn’t just straighten all your teeth, it also improves the way they bite together and function.

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