Schizophrenia Symptoms

Schizophrenia: Symptoms

Top Symptoms

1. Negative symptoms of schizophrenia

A lack of certain daily routine work or movements marks the negative symptoms in a Schizophrenic patient. A decline in speech is known as Alogia. It is one of the main features of Schizophrenia. The speech fluency decreases significantly in these patients.The intensity of expressing emotions also declines in Schizophrenic patients. It also affects the body language and voice tone of the patients. Difficulty in initiating and continuing with a goal directed behavior also marks schizophrenic. Patients will be often found sitting idle in their houses for hours at a stretch without any break.

2. Changes in physical appearance

Schizophrenic patients also experience changes in their physical outlook. They may not feel the change, but the changes are clearly evident to the onlookers. The patients often go about with a vacant and blank expression. They almost never smile in fact; the patients are unable to smile.

The patients seem to have over reactive senses – the lights are too bright for them and sounds are often too loud. Frequent blinking of the eyes can be seen in these patients. They also show sleep disorders like insomnia or excess sleep. Schizophrenic patients also show involuntary movements of the tongue or mouth. They find it difficult to focus the eyes on a certain object. They may show an excess of movements or a slowing down.

3. Social/occupational dysfunction

As the Schizophrenic patient finds it difficult to come up with coherent and relevant speeches, they often refrain from social gatherings. The patients of Schizophrenia seem to suddenly fail on personal and social relations.

The patients also fail to achieve and maintain their own levels of academic or professional brilliance.

4. Grossly disorganized

An overall disorganized behavior also marks Schizophrenia in patients. Inactivity, mania and stupor are certain characters that can help identify a Schizophrenic patient. Such disorders may lead to problems in coordinating goal-directed behavior, thus hampering the daily routine of the patients. Schizophrenic patients are often found to go about purposelessly in their daily routines. Patients also show a decline in their reactions to the environment and surrounding people. Such behavior, known as catatonic behavior is another symptom of Schizophrenic patients.

5. Disorganized speech and thinking

Incoherence and derailment of speech often marks positive symptom in Schizophrenic patients. The patient may begin monologues completely irrelevant to the surrounding situation and conversation. Schizophrenic patients also seem to talk to imaginative people whom they see and feel in their hallucinations.

Patients also have troubles organizing their thoughts and perceptions in a unidirectional manner. Their thoughts are often haphazard and lean on the side of incoherence.

6. Delusions

When exaggerated reasoning and misinterpretations of experiences build erroneous beliefs, they are called delusions in medical terms. Delusions are one of the main positive symptoms of Schizophrenia.

Such beliefs are mostly alien to the cultural and historical background of the patients. For example, Schizophrenic patients may believe that people surrounding them are ‘after their life’. Sometimes, patients believe that they are some historical figure from the past. The patients even sometimes believe they are suffering from certain illnesses that medical diagnosis does not actually recognize.

7. Hallucinations

Hallucinations have been categorized under positive symptoms by doctors and research analysts. In general terms, hallucinations are exaggeration of a person’s perception in any of the senses, viz: eyes, ears, skin, nose or tongue. Visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory and tactile hallucinations are symptoms of Schizophrenia.

When a person begins to see things that others can’t, the person is suffering from visual hallucinations. If he/she hears or feels things that others can’t, it is auditory and tactile hallucination.

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