Acne Symptoms

Acne: Symptoms

Top Symptoms

1. Scar

The scar is due to the inflammation caused by acne within the dermis. When the acne would tries to heal itself, it accumulates collagen into one spot resulting into a scar.

2. Acne rosacea

It appears as rash further leading to bumps, pimples, and skin blemishes while making blood vessels more visible. It is usually confined to nose, chin, cheeks, and forehead area. Rosacea is more prevalent in women than men.

3. Pinheads or papules

Papules are tender, inflamed bumps without any head. Papules can be red, purple, or brown in color.

4. Cyst

Cyst appears similar to nodules, but is filled with pus. Cystic acne is a very severe form of inflammatory acne and can appear on groin, armpit, and buttocks. Cysts are formed in the areas where sweat is collected, especially in the perspiration ducts, and hair follicles. The affect of cystic acne is deeper in the skin tissues than other mild form of acne.

5. Pustule

Pustules are red inflamed circle with white or yellow center. Pustules can occur anywhere in the body, but the more common areas are face, shoulder, back, armpit, and groin. The sweaty areas are more affected by pustules. Pustules indicate towards the bacterial infection and must be treated early.

6. Nodules

Nodule is a condition that indicates the aggravated acne. Acne nodules must immediately be treated by a medical practitioner to avoid scars on the skin. Nodules are large in size and are very painful. Acne nodules are the clogged oil glands that go deeper into the tissues and cause pain as well as inflammation. Acne nodules can also be a result of the lesion due to the rapture of inflamed acne in the epidermal layer of the skin causing pus and contamination of dermis. The hardened lesions cause the acne nodules. Wrong eating habits can worsen the condition and lead to rapid expansion of severe acne. High glycemic diet that releases the glucose into the blood sugar level rapidly can penetrate the acne nodules. Milk and caffeine can also aggravate the acne symptoms.

7. Breakouts

Flaky, patchy, and dry skin is the skin breakout that leads to acne. Skin breakouts can be due to imbalanced diet resulting into more toxins in the body. It can also be caused by stress, environmental pollution, or hormonal imbalance. The breakout starts with the blockage of hair follicles. Breakout can further lead to severe form of acne.

8. Pimples

Pimple is red, tender bump caused due to excessive oil trapped into the pores. The sebaceous glands inside the pores that produce sebum get blocked due to the dead sin cells. The blockage causes more sebum and also leads to bacterial infection or inflammation. Pimples are major and prominent symptoms of acne.

9. Blackheads or open comedones

Blackheads or open condones are a very common symptoms of acne. Contrary to the common belief that blackheads are due to poor hygiene, it’s actually caused due to the excessive oil that accumulates at the duct of sebaceous gland. Yellow or blackish bump on the skin has keratin or sebum. As the blackheads have open pores, the contact with oxygen turns it black. Blackheads are symptoms of excessive oil that may further lead to severe acne condition.

10. Whiteheads or closed comedones

Whiteheads are tiny white bumps that has lipids and sebum. Whiteheads can be felt more than seen. When the dead skin is trapped on the surface of the skin. The cellular debris clog the follicle opening, it causes the mild acne as whiteheads. As the oxygen cannot reach the follicles, it remains white. If aggravated, it can lead to severe acne condition as a cyst.

11. Scaly red skin or seborrhea

Seborrhea leads to scaly, patchy skin in scalp, face, and torso. It is an inflammatory skin condition and a major symptom of acne. The main cause of seborrhea is still unknown, however, the most established belief is that the yeast named Malassezia is the key factor behind seborrhea. Some of the other identified causes are environmental, genetic, and hormonal. Seborrhea appears first as the dandruff and shows up as red and flaky skin in the area where skin folds such as the area behind the ear. In some rare cases it can also appear in the areas near the eyelashes, nose sides, and forehead. If the condition worsens, it grows into red or yellowish pimples. 

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