Alcohol Abuse Research

Alcohol Abuse: Research Top Research 1. Alcohol abuse affects cellular signaling in muscles of the heart That alcohol abuse might put a stress on the heart to affect mitochondria, the factories of cellular energy, is a known fact. However, medical …

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Aging Research

Aging: Research Top Research 1. Older people lead a happy life Aging has little to do with decrease in psychological well being, says a latest research. The study was conducted to look at the quality of health and life in …

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Volkswagen Beetle: Research Top Research


Maruti Swift: Research Top Research


Bone Tumors*: Research Top Research

Schizophrenia Research

Schizophrenia: Research Top Research 1. Computerized drills to enhance basic ability to think One of the issues with the illness is poor ‘reality monitoring’, which is the inability amongst patients to differentiate between the real and the imagined. A group …

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Snoring Research

Snoring: Research Top Research 1. A urine test to detect difference between safe snoring and dangerous snoring Researchers now say that it is possible to have a urine test that can make out the difference between safe and dangerous snoring. …

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