Gout Research

Gout: Research Top Research 1. Nanotechnology research in reducing gout pains Recently, a research team has discovered that integrating timed-release nanotechnology into topical pain relievers can vastly relive gout related pain. The technology features pain relief ingredients all of which …

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STDs Research

STDs: Research Top Research 1. Compound that may help the immune system fare better with STDs discovered The HIV virus’s capacity to defy the immune system of the human body is a subject that scientists all over the world have …

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Hair Loss Research

Hair Loss: Research Top Research 1. Loss of hair in earlier years might signal prostate cancer in later life A French group of researchers have found a curious clue associating early balding to prostate cancer. Their extensive studies indicate that …

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Stress Research

Stress: Research Top Research 1. Stress exposure in intrauterine life is associated with shorter telomere length in young adulthood Since onset of age related diseases and consequent mortality can be predicted to a significant extent by ascertaining the length of …

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Yeast Infection Research

Yeast Infection: Research Top Research 1. Survey reports that women mistreat yeast infections The discomfort of having a fungal infection in the vaginal area is one of the most disliked infections in women, hindering their daily life. More than sixty …

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Hearing Loss Research

Hearing Loss: Research Top Research 1. Role of damaged hair cells Researchers at the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) are working on the effect that damaged hair cells have on hearing impairment. According to the team, …

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