Down’s Syndrome Research

Down's Syndrome: Research Top Research 1. Research on detection of Down's syndrome during pregnancy by blood tests According to the analysis done by Aria Diagnostics, the blood tests developed by them can detect Down’s syndrome and Edward’s syndrome before 20 …

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Kidney Stone Research

Kidney Stone: Research Top Research 1. Shockwaves better than surgery to treat small kidney stones Researcher(s): Surgeons of Department of Urology at University Federico II, Naples Currently, there are different techniques being employed for the removal of single stone that is …

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Hypertension Research

Hypertension: Research Top Research 1. High blood pressure or hypertension linked to pregnancy problems Women suffering from high blood pressure and hypertension in the initial stages of pregnancy may have babies with severe birth defects, says a latest research. The …

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Hyperthyroidism Research

Hyperthyroidism: Research Top Research 1. Subclinical hyperthyroidism associated with increased risks of dying Subclinical hyperthyroidism may be linked to higher risks of dying, says a latest research. Subclinical hyperthyroidism-a mild variety of overactive thyroid-is one of the most common hormone …

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HIV/AIDS Research

HIV/AIDS: Research Top Research 1. Pets makes it easier for women to fight HIV The fight against HIV becomes a tad easier if you have pets around, says a new study. Having pets like dogs or cats makes things easier …

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