Online Pharmacies and Prescription in the U.K.

Online Pharmacies and Prescription in the U.K.

Online pharmacies are becoming more popular than ever, with at least 25 percent of U.K. residents purchasing drugs regularly at an online pharmacy in 2018. Just like e-commerce platforms, online pharmacies offer a more convenient way for people to access medical services and get drugs. Online pharmacies have been operating in the United Kingdom for almost two decades, so what should you know about them?

Is it Legal to Get Prescription Online in the U.K.?

is-it-Legal-to-Get-Prescription-OnlineIn the United Kingdom, it is legal to buy prescriptions from online pharmacies. However, this only applies to online pharmacies that are registered and regulated by the National Health Services (NHS). To know if an online pharmacy has been registered accordingly, search the name of the online pharmacy on MHRA’s registry

Drugs sold at pharmacies (online and offline pharmacies) are regulated by the Medical and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and the European Medicines Evaluation Agency. If an online pharmacy is registered by the MHRA, it would sell drugs and offer services that are identical to what you would find at community pharmacies.

Registered online pharmacies work with licensed medical practitioners, and so can also write prescriptions. To get a prescription online, you would need to complete an online doctor consultation. This process varies from one online pharmacy to another.

The process involved in consulting with a doctor online include;

  • Creating a profile on the website of the online pharmacy.
  • Navigate the website to schedule an appointment with an online doctor.
  • Accept your
  • Explain to your condition to the online doctor. This can be done either via a video call, a voice call, an online chat, a medical questionnaire on the website or mobile application of the online pharmacy.
  • A registered online pharmacy would have licensed general practitioners, doctors, or pharmacists who would evaluate your condition and prescribe the best treatment or drug for you.
  • You can proceed to purchase the medication prescribed by the GP or pharmacist and pick up your order when it arrives.
  • Some online pharmacies offer a free medical questionnaire which is very similar to the questions a doctor would ask you at a face to face meeting.
  • There are also telemedicine agencies which have licensed doctors who can write prescriptions.

The cost of an online medical consultation varies from one online pharmacy to another. Some pharmacies in the United Kingdom may offer online consultation, on others, you may be required to pay for this service.

A registered online pharmacy in the U.K. would require that you either provide a prescription issued by a licensed medical practitioner or have you conduct an online prescription before you can buy drugs on the website. Do not buy drugs from an online pharmacy that does not require a prescription of any sort.

Is it Safe to Buy Prescriptions Online in the U.K.?

Is it Safe to Buy Prescriptions OnlineBuying prescriptions or having an online consultation is safe when done rightly, that is, at an NHS-registered online pharmacy. These pharmacies are sure to keep to the ethics that you would find at a community pharmacy; prioritizing your health, safety, and wellbeing over profit.

There are currently many unregistered online pharmacies in the United Kingdom claiming to be verified sell licensed drugs. Before using the services or buying medications at an online pharmacy, always check if the pharmacy’s status is registered on the search on MHRA’s registry.

Can You Use a Prescription at Online Pharmacies?

Use a Prescription at Online PharmaciesMany who already have a prescription are faced with the question – is it possible to use my prescription at an online pharmacy? Yes, that is if the prescription has either ‘FP10HP’ or ‘FP10’ printed on it. These type of prescriptions can be used at any online pharmacy that accepts valid prescriptions.

If an online pharmacy accepts an already written prescription, you can either call your doctor, pharmacy, or hospital to transfer the prescription to the pharmacy. The prescription written for you by an online doctor can also be transferred to a local pharmacy where you can go and pick up your drug.

These services are not available at every online pharmacy, where it is, you can always request that your prescription is transferred to another pharmacy. This service is usually offered privately, so you would need to pay extra charges.

What are the Best Online Pharmacies to Get a Prescription in the U.K.?

Online Pharmacies and Prescription in the U.K.While online pharmacies make the news mostly for negative reasons, there are reputable online pharmacies in the U.K. These following pharmacies meet the requirement of NHS and MHRA to offer services online

1.    Pharmica

Pharmica is all representation of that is expected from an NHS-registered online pharmacy. In compliance with the regulations of NHS and MHRA, Pharmica leads the way for online pharmacies providing, safe, convenient, affordable and fast treatment options. Pharmica works with a team of specialists and general practitioners who are all licensed by the NHS. Consultancy is also free at Pharmica.

2.    MedExpress

MedExpress is also a trusted online pharmacy that has won the hearts of many in the U.K. This online pharmacy offers excellent services and sells many registered drugs in the U.K. MedExpress offers free, express consultancy services, and also provides medical information for patients.

3.    Express Pharmacy

Express pharmacy is one of the few pharmacies that render online services you can trust. This online pharmacy has a reputation for providing excellent medical assistance. Express Pharmacy is fully regulated and works with licensed medical practitioners who offer quick and discrete services.

4.    Push Doctor

This is a great online pharmacy with excellent services. With Push Doctor, you can speak with a doctor online using the video call option on the website or mobile application. Push Doctor also NHS-registered, so you do not have to worry about safety when you receive treatment or buy medications here.

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